Wednesday, April 28, 2010

our reflection in our own computer screen



Dbawiw said...

Nicely put C. Heathen. What exactly happened? You sound a little beaten up about it, sorry.

Champagne Heathen said...

Worried it was a bit teenage angst, but everyone needs some teenage angst moments once in awhile.

I think I'm just exhausted by the progression of these negative online comments on all web types.

I first loved blogs & the idea of comments on news articles because of the debate & respectful challenge of ideas. Sometimes I'll come across a "too high brow" article that the Angry Torch Weilding Bunch won't have read & some comments are really insightful & interesting.

But generally now any article just has a tirade from the usual suspects with nothing new in what they say, they just get off on the idea that they can say it. And say it aggressively. And I think the editors/ comment moderators love & encourage these hateful comments even more, because of the hits their webpage gets.

Some acquaintance attacked me on Facebook (of all frivolous places) about me inviting them to the "ONE ACT OF KINDNESS" event, saying it was a dangerous & irresponsible thing to ask of people (wtf????). And telling me I cannot comment or offer help for my country now that I have "left" SA. So she got a tirade back from me. [And no, I have not in any way "left" SA]. It was beyond ridiculous, but it exhausted me.

And there are the hateful anonymous blog comments, that often come days/ months/ years after I have posted something. Outoftheblue I will suddenly be attacked for some experience I wrote about 4 years ago.

2 days ago someone unconstructively attacked my idea of celebrating Freedom Day. Like I was evil to consider such an idea. I see she's now deleted her comments.

My colleague told me all the same happens on forums she uses... and she is on religious forums! If religious people can't even be polite to each other's ideas...!?!?

Where has all the constructive debate, idea challenging, respectful discussing gone from the web? Did these "troll" people always exist & the internet has given them an amplifier? Is it the faceless aspect of speaking to someone?

So, in voting with my mouse & a click, I am now consciously tuning out of hateful close-minded online speech.
(Thankgod I hadn't joined Twitter yet! Apparently the hate there is 10 times worse!)