Friday, August 25, 2006

Seven Ate Nine

I can't believe they're kicking Pluto out of our solar system of planets. All very sad. Dwarfs are humans too!!...yes yes, I meant "planets too". Link to story here.

That's all I have for this blog today. I am too hung over to care much beyond this. Yes yes, I meant "think beyond this".

Just received this from my friend who I was drinking with last night to the point where they had even turned the bar lights off and we just kept talking and drinking and drinking and talking: Oh man! Am quite hung over this morning. And sooooo hungry!

HA She thinks just like me.

Excuse me now please, while I go and buy and eat Fournos dry. Augh, but that would require standing up and WALKING. I have sat here for the past half an hour just trying to find the energy and focus to get to the kitchen to get coffee, and it still isn't happening.

End blog now. Yes, come on, I can stop the hung-over rambling. Stop. Now. Done.


Peas on Toast said...

Oh you poor thing Champs - get some hot and greasy babe, usually does the trick.
Good luck! :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks Peas! I finally got the coffee. Now I am hoping it will kick in and get me to the shops for ANY food, but preferably greasy or chocolate pastry type stuff. I have resorted to eating carrots in the interim. Very sad.

And obviously I have a overloaded desk's worth of work to do today!!

Champagne Heathen said...

I would like to state here: Thank god for the Sandwich Lady!!

Now, I thin the Sandwhich Guy does his rounds in about 2 hours. Can I hold on that long??

fly said...

hehehe...its for this precise reason I dont drink during the week anymore....that bleary feeling just kills me. :oP why oh why do we need to endure hangovers ???

but my day will come in the form of saturday nite.... ;o)

Champagne Heathen said...

Ah but fly, there can be nothing nicer than a Thursday night chill session with a cellar of wine.

We need to endure hang overs because....uh...hmm...because.... no, coming up with nothing witty. Too hung over to think witty.

I would like to state that it is long past the time the Sandwhich Guy is meant to have done his rounds. Did I miss him??????!!! uh oh

Anonymous said...

Poor Champers. Crawling works well. Or large pleading eyes in the directioon of a colleague.
Yes, poor Pluto.
It must be pissed.

Champagne Heathen said...

Pulling myself along by my fingernails... I actually did manage to get to the shops & it was 1 of those walks where I felt every step I took was backwards. Longest 5 minutes of my life! No, I lie, since my last hangover.

My boss keeps apologising for delaying our meeting. I think it is my guardian angel protecting me from having to attempt to think today.

Pluto should drink some wine. It will help numb his pain one time.

Revolving Credit said...

Hey Sweets, how ya feeling? Don't worry, not much time left in the day - go straight to the pub and have a regmaaker dop.

Ya right Pluto must be really pissed off! I think that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck will be around soon to bitch slap their asses for picking on their puppy.

Champagne Heathen said...

Hangover status:
The hunger has finally gone awol, but this might be somehow related to my now-empty wallet where all its money has been spent on food in the past several hours.

No headache to speak of, so I must have gotten right the exact amount I drank.

Still lacking the ability to hold coherent convos or piece together words. Boss though still too busy to see me - excellent!

Ha Ha! I don't know about Mickey, he might just give them a stern high-pitched talking too, but that Donald is gonna whip some ass!

Revolving Credit said...

Go figure, they dis the planet called Pluto (as in cute puppy) but keep the one call 'Your Anus'.
Does that qualify and anally retentive(retaining the anus).

Champagne Heathen said...


That's scientists for you! A-type personalities and all. I reckon one of them just has a vendetta against Warner Bros (or Greek Mythology)

TwoFlower said...

thats one other reason drinking is so bad i've decided - the next day when you're hungover you will eat ANYTHING in sight and generally have more than three helpings of it!!! take today for example - i was feeling a little hungover and ended up eating TWO pies!

so much for 5x7!