Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Would you? Could you? Have you?

Do you even know that Female Condoms exist and where you would find one?

It is a polyurethane sheath or pouch about 17 cm in length. It is worn by a woman during sex, and entirely lines the vagina. It is greasy to the touch, has flexible rings at each end, with one closed end obviously. For further info visit such pages as this page on avert's website.

I always wonder about people's awareness, perceptions and use of these, especially when such statements are made, that "The female condom is an integral part of the government's "ABC" -- abstinence, be faithful and condomise -- message". [This is from a Mail&Gaurdian article. Blogger is hating this link today, so if you are interested, go to M&G and it is a frontpage story.]

Because of the nature of my work, I have had access to them for several years. I often find though that friends are fascinated by, if not compeletly unaware of, them.

I can't say that I have ever used one or had any interest or intention in using one, which also makes me stop and think about why not.

Apparently there is acceptance that they have been too inaccessible during their decade-long existance. This is put down to:
- Cost - They cost the government R5 for one, as they are manufactured in and imported from the UK. They are given out free of charge in the public health sector. (Have you ever seen them being sold in shops?)
- Access
- Stigma & Opposing Cultural Practices
- Lack of Awareness

These are all issues apparently being addressed.

*Some women put them in before the women goes clubbing, in case of rape;
*Some gay men use them;
*"Eleanor Sopili, an HIV-positive Cape Town woman, says that when she started using the female condom, it felt a "little bit funny...But as you continue using it, there is no difference between that and the male condom.";
*Male partners...are "happy" this responsibility is shifted to women;
*It can be inserted up to eight hours before intercourse;
*It is a heat-seeking medium that sticks to the walls of the vagina;
*"[It is not] overly noisy... "sex isn't silent anyway".

Please note:
-It is not reusable;
-NEVER use a Male & Female condom together. The friction could cause them to break/ tear;

So....Would you? Could you? Have you used one?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant and interesting post Champs.

Interesting that some girls have worn them before they go out in fear of rape. I'm sure its a tiny tiny proportion of the female population, maybe even an urban myth, but interesting nevertheless.

I am totally intrigued by it. If I could get hold of one I would love to try it out. Being male I would have to get the consent of my female partner obviously, but I'm sure it would be fun to try.

Revolving Credit said...

I wonder how it feel? It kinda make me think it may seem like shagging a blowup doll.
Where a male condon fits like a glove this 'femidom' seems like it may fit like a 20c plasctic bag.

Read the article and was somewhat perplexed by the 'gay men using this condom' - like how do you insert it dude and do you walk around for 8hours with this plastic bag with a plastic rim sticking out your ass...LMAO

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks Dave! Just call me this blog world's little HIV Awareness conscience! Plus, I was getting sick of writing about myself.

And I think you just set yourself a mission!

Rev - I think you have also set yourself a mission. Trial One: Sex with a blowup doll. Trial Two: Sex with a woman & a female condom. And depending how sexually liberal you are, you could even add a Trail Three one to sort out your queries about the Femidom and Gay men! Please do let us know the results!!

Revolving Credit said...

3 in 1 : Sex with big breasted trans-sexual blowup doll using female condom.

Task for you. Get one. insert it and then walk round whole day ready for action.

Tell me what it feels like to have a plastic bag flapping out your fanny whole day.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, Rev, thats funny man.

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha Ha! Why does the blow-up doll have to be big breasted though?? Not too certain how this is critical in testing the femidom.

And you make my mission just sound SO appealing!

TwoFlower said...

can't say i have used one and don't think i would - they look a little confusing to me! ha ha! i'll just stick to good old fashioned condoms...not that i'm really getting any so technically i'm abstaining against my will!! joy!

Champagne Heathen said...

2F - confusing they are. Well, at first at least. And this is said not from even having to insert one properly! But once you have it figured out, you'd be just fine.

And yes! You and me are both (unwilling) supporters of the American Government's Abstinence Only campaign at present. And MAN, but I hate to support that US Government!

Itsnopicknick said...

No never. Did consider it but never spotted one in the shops!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating Champs. No I have never used one - would worry that they would slip??

Champagne Heathen said...

Spoon & Jam, I think we have to take up Rev's mission and find out what is the deal with these things!

But yes, now I have to figure out how to get ahold of some. I no longer't work where I used to have easy access to them.