Monday, September 11, 2006

Clarity far from home

One does strange things when on the West Rand. When I woke up on Saturday morning on some couch in Krugersdorp, and ate chocolate cake for breakfast, I made two fairly odd decisions.

Decision 1: To move back into my folks’ house.

I am over the challenge of having to ‘cut the apron strings’ and my priorities have changed from identity and independence to…money. I need it. I’ll be able to save it should rent and food not be swallowing all of it monthly. My parents are beyond thrilled. I was thrilled too when I opened their fridge during my Sunday news-breaking visit and saw so much food and such a variety. (Actually any fridge that holds more than long-life milk and a few apples is attractive to me right now). And anyway, my folks know my lifestyle full well AND even seem to be at peace with it these days. They also have become two of my best friends during my two years of living out of their house but in the same city as them.

I guess you guys will be the first to know should the foolishness of this decision trip itself up.

The money meanwhile is critical to Decision 2.

Decision 2: Travel. To the States next August. My Krugersdorp friend decided she will join me. We’ll start it off in New York at a wedding of a friend of hers and we’ll end it in San Fran at the wedding of a friend of mine. Who knows what we will get up to in between or how we plan on funding the interim, but my friend is gorgeous. I reckon I could get top dollar for her should the need arise. Any of you are welcome to join us, especially if you also have weddings to attend in the good old US of A.

One problem is that she holds an Indian passport and I have an SA passport and by then I will not even have the tie of rent to this country. Two young girls from impoverished American-detesting countries is never good. Convincing them to visa us might prove tricky.

I then got lost somewhere around Roodepoort.

A third decision had been made the night before, as I fell asleep on that couch with a hubbly bubbly pipe in my mouth while trying to find the tastes of apple and cinnamon. All I tasted was smoke.

We are going to open a Tea House somewhere in Jo’burg. They were all the rage in Europe recently. Think Opium Den, without the narcotics and crazy old stoned Chinese men. More like your own teapot of exotic tea, hooka pipes, cushions, crazy arabs and chilled music.

P.S. MRS SAMI RAMA from AFRICAN DEVLOPMENT BANK ( A.D.B ) in OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA-FASO has come across a substantial amount of money (U.S 22.85M DOLLARS) that she would like to share with me. She emailed me completely out of the blue. How sweet and generous of her. Except she is only offering me 30% of this amount. Luckily I am back in the real world and will not be making anymore odd decisions like considering this to be an excellent sponsorship to my American travel. Sorry Mrs Rama. Not this time. Perhaps after my next trip to the Far West.


Peas on Toast said...

A trip to the States! What an excellent idea - you guys should roadtrip it across from NYC to San Fran. It may take some time, but apparently the stses is the best place to roadtrip - stop at dodgy little places with one motel and cherry pie (I think you actually take Route 66 the whole way there, which is pretty cool in itself)

So um, whose couch were you kipping on in Roodepoort dollface? A potential lovah? ;)

Revolving Credit said...

Isn't Mom-food just the greatest.

While lazily flipping tv channels this weekend I happened to see part of the 'Wizard of OZ'

So my stalker question is : R U Dorothy?

She had the ruby slipper - red shoes.

If you are, when travelling is the US, if you find yourself lost, broke or homesick, just click your heels and say 'Ther's no place like home'

Champagne Heathen said...

Peas, that idea definitely passed through my mind. We'll have to judge finances. We will have about 2 weeks to try cross the entire continent...plenty time I am sure, just not much sight seeing on the way.

I would be most impressed with my self control should the person have been a potential lover and I managed to stay only on the couch and not the bed. No, it was at my ex-colleague/ good friend's house.

She's gorgeous so should she have been a lover of mine, I think many SA men's fantasies would have been realised right there. Ha Ha!

Buzzing'Fly said...

Good on ya Bubbles... and i kan likes the traveling to the states idea. ill be there in March!! cannot wait....

If my mom lived in this country, id totally move back home> rent and food.. ouch

*i say that now but in reality, it would prob drive my loco* sigh...

Still worth a shot i say!! ;)

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev, her food is especially the greatest as my mom is a proud supporter of all that is Woolies food!

Good point - I better not be going to the States during hurricane season! Now I just need to find myself a little Scotty to call Toto. Or I'll just rename my travel buddy that and fluff up her hair alot.

(Not Dorothy. Keep trying.)

Champagne Heathen said...

Excellent Buzzin! So you can prep the Americans for my arrival and be ready with 1000 tips.

Yes. We'll see what happens with the living situation. Luckily it will be into an outside room, so I am hoping this gives me some form of privacy. Ha, one can dream.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I would love to go to the States - have not been yet.
Hope it's worth moving back home - despite the lure of the full fridge, and being friends with my folks, I just cannot live in their house without feeling like a 17 year old all over again. I don't ever want to be 17 again...

TwoFlower said...

two weddings! love weddings for their free booze and food and hopefully you'll get to the states unlike me during my overseas debacle!

as for mums and their food - mmmm!! and i have to agree with you with the contents of mums' fridges!! always full! love it!

Champagne Heathen said...

Jam, I was there in '99 for 6 months. On the east coast only, so I am very keen to see the West Coast. And I LOVE NYC completely.

And yes, as long as I do not feel like I am living the life of my parents' 'little girl'...!

2F - Yes, I LOVE weddings too. I managed to get to 5 this year. I didn't have the 1st clue who anyone was, bride and groom included, at the last one in Maputo. That night I got home at 6am & fell asleep on the guest house's steps cause I was locked out while my friend (who is the 1 who will come with me to the USA) got home past 8am after that wedding. This future trip promises to be good!

Anonymous said...

Good idea to move back home and save some wedge, it'll come in mighty handy when you're doing the States!

Champagne Heathen said...

And for nights around the one that you are sponsoring at Ronnies, should London also fall into my travel takeover.

Buzzing'Fly said...
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Buzzing'Fly said...

Champs> pls go to London too.. i mean Dave is sponsoring a night of Jazz and all and all ;)

Weddings, they scare me.. Have been to 2 of my friends weddings, can’t even think about marriage, i still feel 18... am I strange ;) *sigh*
Man denial is a tough cookie

Anonymous said...

Now girls, I'm sure there were certain conditions attached to that offer, but whatever, get your ass to London and Ronnies is on.

Champagne Heathen said...

Excellent! Expect an out-of-the-blue phone call one day saying you have 10 minutes to get to Ronnies cause my cute ass just landed itself in ye old jolly britain.

And the way work/things are making me feel at the moment, a sudden spur-of-the-moment trip to the airport and flying anywhere is very appealing.

Champagne Heathen said...

Buzzin - don't worry, London is on the cards. Since letting friends know I want to up my travel game I am getting excited demands for visits from that side!!

Marriage - denial is sweet and I am right there with you at the moment! But the weddings of others are GREAT!