Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mind like a Bluddy Bee on Red Bull

I have not even had time to think this morning. Actually, excuse me for a few more minutes – I have the last of the real coffee to gently sneak into my already-very-used cup before my boss strolls in that direction.


It never helps sleeping through one’s alarm by over an hour. For no reason, other than I like the sleep.
Or having two crazed puppies to pull out of the pool, stop from chewing up the garden, gently convince to stop eating my new shoes, and who still demand tummy tickles with those big adorable eyes & floppy paws.
Getting to work and promptly having a four-month child plumped into my arms while his delightful already-skinny mom prances about the office laughing at us Sloggers for The Man.

Or following up on many links so I can let you know some crime initiatives happening –
There is a mail going around right now requesting South Africans to drive with our car lights on, from 1st March (tomorrow already! Uh oh.) till the 7th (next Wednesday).

I am sure it is not going to have Mbeki quivering in his Union Building mahogany office (actually, I have no clue what type of wood Mbeki is surround by during his working hours). But at least it could be a united start to protesting. With each new initiative and more people spurred on, perhaps we will become more creative, become louder, become more demanding, and HOPEFULLY actually heard, respected and the relevant people will react accordingly!

That would be nice.

This protest is being held by STAND (Standing Together Against Needless Death) and OPAC (Ordinary People Against Crime).

Check out STAND’s website, and keep checking it out. Stay Aware, Stay Tuned In, and hopefully (always hopeful, I am) it will lead to benefits for us.

Watch the FNB ad at the RealSouthAfrica website.

In other news, yesterday evening I had great ego-inflating fun. I was able to help someone out with a topic they are investigating. What this meant for me was taking advantage of their company’s expense account by suiping on wine, and sprouting my opinions for about an hour solid. The poor lady did not even have a chance to ask if my glass could be refilled while I rattled away about THIS and THAT and OH, BUT THEN….!

Man, I could get used to doing that!

Then I strolled my way off to the movie house to FINALLY watch the acclaimed Blood Diamond.

But that is for another time, another post, another pot of fresh brewed coffee. I actually have to put in some work now – like finding Herpes people.

Man. I prefer the weeks when we get to discuss sex and sexual behaviour.

[On another note (and the mind goes here, there, and everywhere today!) I was wondering how many of you considered the POSSIBLE hypocrisy between this week’s Monday post, and last week’s Monday post.
Was it hypocritical?

I have been debating this with myself. But I do not think so. I believe that the disrespect that I was referring to last week goes far deeper than quietly admiring a person for their unique appearance. Plus, I do not think I showed any disrespect to the man I refer to on this blog as The Model, or to the men we quietly & subtly admired from afar on Saturday.

But I always have to consider this. Debate it. Check myself in case. And allow myself the chance to be wrong, and so open myself up to being told so.

Just had me thinking.]


Insane Insomniac said...

Do you think Mbeki may address the crime situation if he gets hijacked? hmmmm...

Admitting to your own hypocrisy is the first step to becoming a well rounded person.

Mommy said...

Maybe if we shine a light IN Mbeki's eyes, his brain may illuminate so that he can see the truth.
I was wondering for a moment if your post were hypocritical...maybe. But he was a nice men and your post last Monday was about not-so-nice men.

Mommy said...

And my english are out the window this morning.

Champagne Heathen said...

Yeah, but was there hypocrisy in this instance? I have considered it, and I really don't think so.

I have been quietly admired by men, and I like it that they do it just like that - quietly, respectfully. If I smile back, they smile, rather than leer or take it as an opening to make perverted comments or suggestions or gropes. Hmmmm. (And I really do not have a quiet enough day to be debating this today!)

How could Mbeki get hijacked though, with his convoy of armoured cars & body guards!

But hopefully, if he did, he would not take it like the KwaZulu-Natal provincial minister of safety and security Bheki Cele - who simply increased security around his house after his burglary.

Champagne Heathen said...

Jamaloni - Indeed. It seems you need coffee too! Or I'll throw a dictionary at you.

Someone needs to teach Mbeki about admitting he is human, and too can make bad judgement calls. To stop being so damn stubborn when the WORLD turns around to him & says, you screwed up in that last decision. ....basically, leadership skills!

He was a sweet man. And it is not like he led me on, or I led him on. We both knew it was random. But still we both called each other over the weekend, which was respectful & sweet too.


Revolving Credit said...
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Revolving Credit said...

I'm not sure that this silent stoic lights-on/petition signing/placard carrying protest is doing much good.

What would happend if a few thousand victims of crime instituted civil proceedings against the government.

So what if you summons the minister or the president, even though you will most probably lose, if you manage to get them summonsed to appear in court, they have to respond.

Now imagine 5000 summonses or civil law suits a piece??

Mmmm....class action law suit.

What ya think?

ChewTheCud said...

you guys all need coffee in an IV ;P

Mommy said...

Too much white whine.

Anonymous said...

Thinking? You can take something to suppress that if it's troubling you. What's it called again? Oh yes - alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Ah nuts. Thanks to the title, I now have Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee" buzzing around in my head.

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev - obviously a much better form of action!!

But we then need to convince the lawyers to work for nothing (I forget the latin term), and what are we summonising them over? We need to work these details out.

I would love to see their reactions. Something ridiculous & stubborn.

Chews - my arm is spread, my vein is ready & waiting, pass that IV this way!!

Jam - "Light" wine is debatably wine!

Kyk - tell that to the poor chickita last night. The more wine I sipped, the more I thought, the more I spoke!

As for the tune - he he he. One goal accomplished today. :)

Revolving Credit said...

I think the term is - pro bono, similar to pro boner which is a male pornstar

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev - which in turn is similar to a lawyer - as both screw you over.

Anonymous said...

Hey, one should always drive with ones lights on. Well I do on long trips.

Champs should it not be "I'll throw you with a dictionary"

Anonymous said...

When I was last in Angola, the taxi driver had his headlights off... at night... TO SAVE ELECTRICITY !!..

But then they don't have a crime problem - despite a massive poverty problem.

C'mon all - let's help Eskom out...

Champagne Heathen said...

Guinnie - I'm not the one drank too much lite white wine. My english is just peachy today.

Ja, I always do the long-distance-lights-on thing!

Loch - I guess you are saving electricity by uh...hmmm...maybe not having to recharge the car battery later??? No. That doesn't work either. Bluddy Angloans!

And don't even get me started on cars driving around at night with only one light, or dimmed lights, or NO lights!!

I once was pulled over by a cop for forgetting to turn my car lights on. Man, never have I had to be so smiley & charming as on that drunken 5am morning!! Except I was TOO charming - he ended up flirting with me!!

Anonymous said...

Saving electricity? The power of a car light is round 100W for the headlights. Now a typical car like a Polo or a Tazz have engines that generate round 55kW. That is about 0.18%. Yes there are losses in the cables and the altinator etc. but point made.

Hey, never blame the wine.

Daedalus said...

Ellloooooo Shampoooo!
"tequila & talk happy things quick!" :P

I am way off topic but for the same of less clicking on a comment yesterday .... wtf R you doing with pics of me aaaaahhhhhh 's disconcerting .... I hope I have al my attire on :o

Daedalus said...

hmmm I seem to be dyslexic on "m" and "k" today ...

same = sake :o

Champagne Heathen said...

Guinnie - huh??? I lost you at the first numerical sign.

Daeds - well, do not test me & then neither you nor anyone else will have to ever know how (un)clothed you are in the pics!

No tequila till easter.

Maybe your mind is just ahead of you & thinking, instead of tequila, the rice wine 'sake' rather!

Anonymous said...

Champs, don't chick dig geeks and rock and rollers? Maybe not I guess.

Daedalus said...