Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Smooches Hearts & Chocs. With a glass or 2 of Champagne!!!

So the town is all abuzz about the day that shakes a thousand relationships. I never really see what everyone hates about today. But then again, I have never really been coupled up on the day to be vulnerable to it.

As long as I eat one heart-shaped chocolate (Thanks Mom!) I am happy. And ja, sure, fine….sip on at least one flute of tasty champagne (Thanks Me!). Almost as happy as the chick who has just been tossed, turned, twisted & had her legs pretzeled about her head for a good few hours, by a boyfriend/ hubby doing his best to prove his love for her, on the Artificial Day of Love.

I have always loudly declared my love and enjoyment for this day. Past 14ths of Febs haves seen me catching up with uber-wealthy jet-setting Brits in Franschoek over a five course meal, that was layered with wine, and backdropped by gorgeous valleys. Or me tracking down winter turtleneck jerseys to hide the hiccis not given to me by the bouquet-laden guy waiting to be let in my home. Even just sitting in a gay bar, as my best mate waited on snogging couples, me sipping on bubbles & engrossed in conversation for hours with some complete stranger who had been ditched by his boyf. for a work function.

And one of the best yet – I sat up a curvy side alley in Ba’rth’elona with a dodgy Spaniard who preferred only to be known as Cupid Valentino, my hooligan American mate, Black Eye Peas singing about what roses really smell like, and of course…a bottle of ‘cava’.

Good times! Each time.

But perusing blogosphere, and being witness to some stressed irate colleagues’ pacings and mutterings in the impending days, I have finally realised what all the fuss is about…

You actually believe you are meant to spend SERIOUS money on this day. Almost as though the money forked out for today proportionally illustrates the money spent on an old/ possible engagement ring. Or even the actual wedding service once held/ still being considered.

Well of course you’d hate the day if you thought like that!

Rather, I say, follow the advice of a man whose industry means he knows what it takes to make a good woman/ man smile at the end of a night of wining & dining. And just act loving and acrobatic, cheesy and cheap. Well, depending on how cheap you choose to make that bottle of champagne you'll be purchasing at lunchtime.

…don’t forget to chill it, long before you pop it!


On to completely sidelined news:
My little brother has just emailed to proudly declare that he has joined the “Atheists Are Us!” society at his university. Apparently he is the second member. He has yet to find out what kind of activities, songs & fund-raising events he & Hans the Swede plan to hold for the society’s year.

I think he just eliminated any future arguable loophole he may have had should the pearly gates really be there.

Somehow I think I preferred it when he was a first year, hanging out all day in bars in search of some good political conversations.


Daedalus said...

Happy V-Day pops

fly said...

Well today is a good day for me...I have finally managed after a very long wait to court someone I really really like... :o)

I was planning on taking her out this week anyways but Valentines Day makes it that little bit more special doesnt it ??? or so I would like to think...

Either way, i'm happy...

Anonymous said...

Happy V-day to all.

Looking forward to that cold bottle of heavenly bubbles... and to see what cheesy love plot they can come up with on Isidingo. ;-)

Nevertheless, I haven't got lucky in 5 months...going out with cold hearted beatch... so I can't imagine todays gonna change that. F%#@ V-Day. ;-)

On another note - all your RSS feeds come through as if sent on 01/01/2007. Any reason for that?

Like the blog - CH... good fun.

Phlippy said...

Hey Champers, loved the part about your little brother, laughed out loud proper. I have my thoughts on Valentines day to be posted shortly, the funny ne and then the soppy one came first, next is the DMC.

Peas on Toast said...

Happy Valentine's Day Champers!

[clinking] of the formidable champagne glasses.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Champs.
*clinks glasses with Peas and Champs*

Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day! Champs! I'm already stuffing the face with chocolate but feel free to come bring me more!
only someone in your family would join such a club at that Uni! Quality.

By the way I did read last week thursday's blog....your not "dead" but we are just going to forget I ever saw it.

KaB said...

Happy V-day Champers!

Hope you have a lovely've given me a great idea to go out & have meself a lekker drink with a mate or two! Excellent, well done you!

Have a fabulous day!

lordwiggly said...

Yeah happy VD! Im gonna smash half price pizzas at the Jolly Todger with a few mates and the sweet amber liquid of real love. Beer.

# 302 said...

happy valentine's day dharleng.

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks all you gorgeous people! And good to see not one of you commented on my glaring wording mistake somewhere in there - it's now amended.

Daeds - And with chocolate Elllllo to you too!

Fly* - Oooooo!!!!! I cannot wait for further tales! I know - this dumb week means all invites are re-interpretted!

Great to know you're smiling!

Lochinvar - Aaah, another Isidingo fan! Wonderful to know! And welcome to my blog! And thanks for the compliments! No clue what is up with the RSS feeds. I'll look into it.

And enjoy the bubbly!

Phlippy - my bro is crazier than me! I'm heading over to your blog now.

My darling Peas & Jam - perhaps we have to make those real clinking glasses very soon!! *Cheers!*

Yo Anon - am I getting any of that chocolate?!?! Why did we not have such clubs at that uni back in our day?!?!? I reckon you would've whole heartedly supported such a club too!! :)

Kabs - Excellent!! It is just a day to enjoy!! So love it and have a cheers for me!

Wiggly - Enjoy the pizza &'re def. inspiring me for how I'd like to spend my Sunday evening!!

Numero! Long time! Happy Valentine's to you too!

# 302 said...

been busy, busy, busy unfortunately you know modern living and all

Insane Insomniac said...

Didn't anyone get the memo? Valentines day has been cancelled!!!

Pass on the bubbly - Lets celebrate!

fly said...


well im back online....I managed to sort blogger out...for now

Anonymous said...

Muchos besos to you, too :-)

Revolving Credit said...

Happy VD to everyone, just what farica needs more of.

Champagne Heathen said...

Numero - modern means 'less is more'. This mean 'less work' means 'more happiness, more money, more good time'!!

Insanity - CHEERS!

Fly - go and post and do some explaining!!


Rev - 'Farica'. That's a girl's name. Who is this farica girl, and why are you condeming her to itchiness and less sex (till she & her partners have been treated!)?!?!

Or did you mean "Africa"? LOVE we could use more of, VD/STDS, yes, perhaps not so needed to wish us!

Happy Valentines Darling Revo!

# 302 said...

go check out the modern living on

Anonymous said...

Have a gorgeous dinner - I'm off to have a Valentine's Cocktail...

Anonymous said...

IMHO this is the day to go ultra cheesy. i.e. go the whole nine yards.
Its sort of like a birthday, a milestone to celebrate, but does not mean one does not celebrate every other day of the year.

That said, I'll be celebrating my VD with a pile of work.

Happy Valentines to all.

fuzzy logic said...

Happy VD Champs! Love the attitude, and of course your little bro's
'chosen path'!

Anonymous said...

hey Champs, I do what I can, well I wish I could've. But hey. Thanks a lot for the link, just finished the "Valentines" shift, no problems, had a glass of wine and off to Rockaz now for a well deserved Amstel. You rock chick.

Champagne Heathen said...

Numero - will do!

Jamaloni - I hope you enjoyed those cocktails. It was a lovely dinner. I am one spoilt chickie every once in awhile!

Guinnie - Next year we'll ensure you can go all out with cheesiness! is my very soon, so you can rally a crowd & a party and many presents and...

Fuzziness! - MWAH to you too!

DaveRich - Aaah, thanks! You too! I hope the amstel went down brilliantly!

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