Friday, March 23, 2007

One more pointless ramble

It is official.

I am sick.

The most glaring sign was this morning’s call to my doc.

I love my doc. He tells me about his golf games. I catch him up on my sex life.

It is medicine that I despise. I avoid it at all costs. And my doc knows this, so he knows if he sees me sitting across from him in that lovely white office filled with desk gadgets, it is quite serious. I have even been known to have my phone calls skip straight through other hacking trembling patients.

See, I see it as if tequila or some other hard tac cannot kill it, then one must be on death’s door & you may as well give up. But now, in recognition of the fact that I am not drinking tequila at present, the little buggers of germs have been allowed to set up entire fortresses in lowly me. And now they need to be wiped out. Or at least I’d like a little more comfort while lolling about on my couch.

My boss is passing jokes every two minutes about my state. Honestly. Working for hard-ass ex-doctors allows one no sympathy.

All this rambling is to get the point across that yet again this week I will not be forming any decent post. Let’s hope an entire weekend of being flat on my back will help. If not, maybe suiping through a straw on those 10 bottle of champagne that have wandered their way into my room since my birthday will cure all.

Have a good weekend for me!


Anonymous said...

and here i thought that you were a moderate. anywayz you'll soon be experiencing the joys of being idle and its wonderful powers of recuperation.


DaveRich said...

Its your bodies way of saying. "I HAVE NOOOOT GOOT THE POWER"
Some of moms chicken soup and R+R will get you right. You party animal you...

Peas on Toast said...

This was me last weekend. Good luck - all I can say is this strain of flu going round is epic.

PS: You don't like medication? The meds are what kept me alive! :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Numero - Me? Moderate?? I cannot wait for the return to my couch!!

DaveRich - Exactly! It is my weak body's way of showing its age!! The worry is, is that I have some NB commitments this w.end! How to say no...

Peas - And I am fearing the ride has only just begun!!

I know, how mad is it for some crazy fool like me to avoid meds at all costs! Well, nearly all costs.

sdfa sdfasdfadsf said...

Aaaw, shame Champs. I think the problem is that you're NOT drinking Tequila.

Tequila cures everything. Even Cancer (so I'm told).

Get better soon dear ;)

Revolving Credit said...

Thats cause of solid weeks worth of pissing it up has run your body down and you have not had enough Vitamin T to protect you.

Was you boss just having a chuckle or was he offering to give you a checkup in the office.

'Just take off your shirt, lay on the desk and breath deeply!'

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks Kev! And YES! See! Tequila cures all woes. Except for maybe the tequila hangover woes.

Rev - *shudder* I do not need to think of my boss like that!! Naa, he always gives me bat when I request a prognosis from him, and rather he just laughs at me. Delightful man.

Ok, it is doctor time. Man oh man oh man. I get so nervous going to the doc!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry honey. Think you can't keep going that flat out for too long before your body objects.
I will drop by with chicken soup.

Her Infinite Cuteness said...

oi sorry to hear u under the weather champers.... take it easy and good luck with doc, hate going to him to...

Phlippy said...

Champers... sigh... get better angel, you will be missed this weekend among the sordid happenings... I will be sure to call you while we are having fun :-)


Anonymous said...

Poor baby...woo, will all be ok...You get lots of beauty sleep and recharge those batteries! Hugs and kisses

Champagne Heathen said...

Jam - and a tempo please!! Then I will feel quite content!

Cuteness - I survived him, but not without the usual amusing ordeals that make us hate the visit!

Phlippy - let us hope I stay on my couch, quietly and peacefully.

Nickita - that's the plan, cause I am so sure you owe me dvds & pizza!

Lucy said...

Ah, sorry to hear you're not feeling so good. But I love the idea of champs as medicine. Good work, girlfriend!

ChewTheCud said...

Get well soon babe!