Thursday, April 05, 2007

Back in 5

If you are looking in between April 6th - April 13th, I am parking off at this techonological-free seafood-rich time-oblivious sanctuary:

Yes. Good. BE Jealous!!

...apparently I might be sharing my Space of Escape with this:

Aaaah, at least I know it will not be a dull get-away...

If I do not meet some hairy parrot-breathed rum-swilling prawn-catching dodgy wooden-legged sailor, commander his dhow, choke him on my sack of roasted cashew nuts, and sail off into the eye of the storm...

...I will be back to exploit your wandering minds on Monday 16th April.

Miss me. Thanks. Smooooches in Portuguese.


Peas on Toast said...

So jealous! You and a mate of mine are there now - it's just not fair! :)

Have an amazing time Champers!

Phlippy said...


lordwiggly said...

You might want to memorise the phrase "Fut federt Galinsh!" which roughly translated, means "Go fuck a chicken!"

Koekie said...

Sufficiently jealous!

sdfa sdfasdfadsf said...

You cannot begin to imagine my jealousy!

Hope you have an awesome time :)

Anonymous said...

Yo woman!I've been thinking about ya.Am in Gaza at the mo (not the strip)...we were here together exactly a year ago... :) Things have improved, I have my own room...The family we stayed with are doing well and send their regards!

Ciao fofo,hope you're having fun wherever you are!

lordwiggly, a correction - go fuck a chiken in Pora is ' Vai foder galinha' Substitute galinha for 'porko' at any time...

Anonymous said...

Champsie wampsie. I thought you were back today...?

Champagne Heathen said...

Peas - and so i did!!

Phlipps - Hiiiiiiiiiii!

Wiggles - Aaaah, but the locals are so sweet, a little disturbing yes, but sweet!

Koeks - :)

Kevin - it was INCREDIBLE. I'd be back there in a second (Well, more of a two hour flight)

Bon Dia my Nickita! How are the Brazilian soapies this year round? You had your own room last time as well!...well, for some of the days? How's the crazy kid there? Hey, guess who drove past me in of your colleagues! I def. remembered our trip - missed you on this one - we'll just have to go again soon.

Jamaloni - back I am, very very slow I am too!