Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grouchy Extravaganza

I am one grumpy chick today. Who knows why. Probably because of subconscious stress that I am not going to manage to whip up my UNISA assignments by deadline. Or because of plain old reliable PMS.
Oh how I loved being ruled by my hormones.

So today, I got nada for the blog.

Except for a song, sweetly adapted by a dj on YFM yesterday evening.

First, start singing that chorus of that Jamie Foxx EXTRAVAGANZA song:

Cuz I had one too many drinks
And ended up at the embassy
With this pretty little thing from Memphis, Tennessee
It was a one night extravaganza!

Now sing it a few times, just enough to get it irritatingly stuck in your head, even when you are tossing about in bed tonight. And then… change the lyrics:

Cuz he had one too many chicks,
And ended up at the mortuary,
With some terrible disease, called HIV.
It was a one night extravaganza!

Ok, AIDS prevention message passed on for this week. One more job can be signed off.

Spread the adaptation….

And if it makes even one of you rethink indulging in high risk behaviour in the next while…then send me chocolates out of gratitude.

Now bugger off.


Anonymous said...

I just don't even want to know...grouchy girl.
Sing away. But singing that is bound to make you even more grouchy....

ChewTheCud said...

Oh Champers! Would that I could bathe you in chocolate and feed you truffles and fine champagne. But I can't cos you have work to do. Oh well, guess I'll have to eat all this myself...

Champagne Heathen said...

Jamaloni - I reckon several glasses of champagne just might be able to cure me!!

Chews - bastard.

DaveRich said...

When you are in a mood like this it is always advisable to go renew your licence disc at Joburgs traffic department. You bite everyones heads off and get your way and people are scared of you, Hell I am scared of you today.

High in Dubai said...

Cool song adaptation... Sorry about the PMS thing!

Anonymous said...

aren't you like for blogg freedom, hey NGO?

So why you telling me to this and do that and dont do that etc yestarday?

you'd make a good dictatoress.

and pms. I mean, really.

Champagne Heathen said...

daverich - not a chance! I hear that you have to pay R30 now for a transaction. Nothing like making the tax-paying public fork out for gov fcks ups!! Maybe I should go & visit the Union Buildings and do some venting.

High - ha ha, thanks!

Maurice - I am for blog freedom when the participants in the blog world can act in a consensual mature manner. Certain people across various blogs/comments are definitely currently destroying an atmosphere of freedom, openness, respect, creativity, being able to push & experiment with the literary/ academic/ media/ communication boundaries, etc.

They are acting like vindictive youngsters who cannot cope with interaction without a parent/ guardian to keep them in check. It is tiring and disappointing to be witnessing.

In your case - yesterday on Peas' post I gave you advice on how to comment should you want to be taken note of. Random comments are overlooked. Some people just take a while longer to "get" the blog system.

I don't think that the word "dictator" is a gendered word. So then I'd just be a "dictator".

Anonymous said...

you go, knock yourself out...

Mr Memetic said...

We don't have enough freedom in South Africa. I think that the Right to Privacy has been grossly violated by the ANC-led government with their passing of Eavesdropping laws.

The Americans freaked out about the use of similar, but (I think) less hectic laws and it caused a minor scandal.

And here?
"Sorry, there are no two ways about it. If you don't like it, find another country to live in."

Yeah, because you assholes would give me a recommendation, right?

There are good ways to implement laws, regulated by a judiciary that is, for now, still largely independent. Effective laws that would do what the Eavesdropping laws would do without violating citizen privacy.

And the worst part is, laws like this are open to abuse. A country like America that, while it has had many serious scandals, has a self-regulating system we lack.

Man, it pisses me off.


Champagne Heathen said...

Thegodowner - Can I be looking for those in my postbox soon then!?

Anton - what are you on about? Also, America hasn't had freedom for decades now!

Mr Memetic said...

What am I on about? I might have misposted. I thought this thread was about the danger to blogs, or something. Might have been someone else's site, or a different entry on this one. If it is somewhere on this site, could you cut and paste?