Friday, May 18, 2007


Ok, so I have been waiting at the building’s entrance for a good three hours now. Where the hell is the Moët truck with my birthday present?? Hey? HEY??

Today is the one year anniversary of blog

It has been one year of this mild public publishing of my thoughts. Ramblings and venting, aware’ing and explaining, questioning and shouting. And a whole lot of words typed.

It all started out of sheer boredom. My brother sent me a link & said, “You probably know this chick”. I opened up the page to read her confessing that she must be a nymphomaniac. I am still concerned about my brother’s perceptions of me!

I read for awhile. Got to know the blog space. And got inspired enough to “Create New”. I didn’t have any intentions of where this would lead. After awhile I was impressed fifty unknowners were reading my daily thoughts. Who on earth were these people?

I started off with friends from TwoFlower, who has long been sucked back into reality through the portal of theses, Another White Boy who seems to dash in & out of here, and Tash. Gradually, Jamaloni, Peas, Muddle, Fly* with his great insight, and darling dirty Rev became regular commentators. And definitely helped a Friday pass with what seemed more like chat rooms of cheeky filth than blogging comments towards the subject.

The first blogger I met in person was darling fish-face-pulling Buzzing Fly. Her photos showed faces from my Jozi life of years back (as did Sauve’s). Who was pulling fish faces at some party I randomly crashed the night before Women’s Day. We still have gangster hat photos to prove this. With which we managed to bribe Dave. Who still owes me his bed & a night out at the most expensive jazz joint when I finally get to London!! And hell, if he also ever gets back to London it seems.

To think where I was a year ago. Wow. How life has changed. Thank whatever energy or old guy with white beard that be. (One person reading this might feel a bit sad with such a statement about last year’s state of daily affairs. But I miss YOU chickie!! Muchos. Obviously. Also, I know if I don’t say that, I’m gonna get some high heel thrown at me. Or worse, she will NEVER EVER send those mms’s of an ex-colleague’s hairy strip-teasing bod. Send them. NOW!)

A year later:
*No longer do I have to drive through passport control to get to work;
*No longer am I made to feel like a hell-bound heathen of almighty over-sexed substance-abusing disenlightened proportions;
*No longer am I tearing nails down a metallic wall in boredom and guilt and frustration;
*I have re-established one gorgeous growing group of mates – suitable for all occasions;
*My doc is a little less stressed about me;
*My travel does not involve forty five minutes down to a township (which I am missing) but will soon involve a flight to West Africa! FINALLY my French is going to come to the use for which it was intended!....well, other than landing frenchies;
*I am content and I smile these days and fight & shout a little less. I am less emotional, and less worried about myself;
*I have not adopted any street children, despite attempts;
*I now have an excellent collection of champagne…gathering dust as I toy with sobereity;
*I am in love. Still. Even though others have come & gone & been passed around. And I will still attest to that being an example that “love at first sight” is possible, despite the last two months of arguing with others about this topic.

This blog has led to:
*Living up to my commitment of making more people aware of HIV-related issues & helping those people with questions;
*Living up to one goal of bring public awareness to an issue that many women face but never really do face, or speak up about;
*Mates, virtual and real enough, to poke or harm with tequila, of such diversity & support & love & laughs & all & all it is incredible and gratifying…and would be a little more gratifying if some of them were more willing to help me out with certain, uh, present hormonal issues;
*Refinding my love of writing;
*Finding the necessary motivation to write regularly, which I have been seeking for 8 years now;
*Rediscovering my ability to think & debate worldly & inner topics;
*Forcing me to be more on top of things (interpret the last word as you like);
*One soon-to-be published article in a popular mag (!!!);
*Possible ventures that did not take off;
*Possible ventures that should take off;
*Inspiration that is leading me to be busy morning, noon, and night;
*Mates and not-so-mate-mates being able to keep up-to-date with my daily self.

It’s been good. It’s been very surprising. I highly recommend it.

But enough of this. If you are not gonna deliver the champagne, then can I at least have something from Dolce & Gabbana for the blog birthday:


Revolving Credit said...

Well if it's your birthday, thens it's also mine, we started blogging on the same day. So happy birthday to both our blogs.

Hmmm...think I'll take my blog for drinks later.

Would invite but the non-drinking thing and, maybe next year when you and your blog are back on the hard stuff.

DaveRich said...

Happy happy Champs, thanks for inspiring me too blog.
The Melville blog is coming soon.
Muchos Besos.

Her Infinite Cuteness said...

Congrats champers. having only startd blogging recently, i love your blog and read it religiously.... keep it coming love!

ChewTheCud said...

Congratulations on 365 days of Champers! Here's to the next 365 days, may they be just as great ;)

Rev - Happy Blog Birthday. Don't go too heavy on the drinking. If you and your blog wind up together you're bound to have little internet addicted kids together ;P

Anonymous said...


Champagne Heathen said...

Revs - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! ...ok, I am getting sick of singing. Just pass over the non-alcoholic champs.

If you & your blog do go drinking, just don't go typing to us from the Greenside cafes again while you're doing it. I am missing the Cape a bit too much right now.

Daves - ony a pleaure! Anytime! And I am looking fwd to seeing 7th Street's daily chaos!

Cuteness - aaah thanks! And thanks for supporting me. I hope I am getting better, and not worse at all of this!

Chews - well, technically, you can exclude weekends...

Louisa - Thanks! Would you like some non-alcoholic champs too!? How appealing does that sound!

Dave said...

WOW, has it only been 1 year, feels like you've been blogging for ages. Congrats, it has made for fantastic reading (and interacting) over the past 12 months.

I'm trying to think about when I started visiting, it must've been somewhere in August because I remember only reading a few months of historical posts.

Heres to many more years! x

fuzzy logic said...

Congrats Champs! I must admit, I just scrolled to the end (hoooray lunchtime drinking! sorry you couldn't join, even in spirit, tee hee), but judging by the pics a the end, I say fantastic post!

Phlippy said...

Yay, happy birthday Champers!

Koekie said...

Must admit, my first reaction was, "oh god, it's her birthday, how could I not know this!"

But now that I've actually read the post, I would like to wish you heartfelt congratulations, thank you for being an inspiration to the masses and urge you to celebrate in the manner of any true-bred lady...

Shake yer nooombies!

A raise a flute of bubbly [fruit juice] in your name ;-)

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Mommy said...

Happy happy great Champs

Champagne Heathen said...

Dave - that's just cause I write A LOT. You've had a lot of words to read in the last 11 months or so!

Thanks! x

Fuzzy - those pics certainly do make a blog!

Phlips - Thanks!

Koeks - Aaah, thanks! *Shake* *Shake* *Shake*

Thanks AllBlogSpots!

Thanks Jamaloni!

Buzzing'Fly said...

i have a tear in my eye bubbles.... :)

cant believe its a year already! WElldone Bubbles u have been an Inspiration and knowledge base of note, somewhat of nutter, ole swigging counterpart and super sexy hat chica...

Fabulous! keep it up...

(and although i dont always comment, i am always watching you...*evil lauf*)lol..;)

Anonymous said...

Can i wish you a belated?
I am so wamped under with work I am a few days beghind with reading blogs (and a few weeks behind with blogging - have heaps fo stuff to report)

Yay for you girlie girl.
good on ya!
happy happy heathen and all that

Suavé said...

Happy birthday Champy! I'm so sorry that my message was late but I'm sure you can understand right? I just realised that I had my blog birthday just the other day and I had no idea, thanks for reminding me! Mwah!

PS - Get your ass down here so we can tear this mofo up!

Mr Memetic said...

Oops. I forgot to send my regards...

Saw this a few days ago, but a lot on my mind, ya know? Like the season finale of a certain show I HAD TO DOWNLOAD AS SOON AS BLOODY POSSIBLE.

But only because it is not only th best show on the networks at the moment, BUT THE BEST SHOW EVER MADE!

Enough of this.

Happy birthday, Ms Heathen!

Hope it was a good one.