Sunday, August 12, 2007

Break In Transmission - Till August End

This here blog and its author are in desperate need of a long break from everything. Including your roving eyes. So we are up and outta here. Lights off and all. Until the end of August.

Perhaps my blog and I will miss each other enough during this time for me to feed it with updates on my travels. Perhaps not.

I am off to see one of my few Americans & her Frenchie celebrate their marriage. Bring on the chaos in the American winelands! Not without stopping off in NYC to be a fool with an ex-lover. And to chill with hippy gay beautiful people of San Fran. It promises to be an exciting break!

I am turning off the blog a few days early. But circumstances have proved too exhausting. Promise to look after me on your return? And after you in the mean time. And to kick our president into submission in the interim.

Bisous, See you in Spring, and I leave you with this quote, which when I heard that drag queen of Short Bus say it I could not but think, That's Me Exactly!!

"I used to want to change the world. Now I just want to leave the room with a little dignity".


ATW said...

bon voyage

Champagne Heathen said...

Merci beaucoup, Monsieur ATW! And I hope you are keeping well wherever you are at this moment? I am becoming ridiculously excited by the second. I hope you read the quote I added to the end of this post. You should enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

You must have a magnificent holiday and make sure you sample all the champagne at the wedding.
Happy trails Lady.

Anonymous said...

will miss you. And wasn't shortbus just the best movie ever?

Champagne Heathen said...

thegod owner - oh you know I so will!!

Dolce - Laughed my ass off in that movie! I can never hear the US national anthem in the same way again! HA HA HA HA!!

Aaah, good, miss me!

Anonymous said...

Missing you already.Have a blast babe!And be good (he,he....)

RB said...

I will only miss you if you miss me and say something wonderful at my blog.

Champagne Heathen said...

Nikita - NEW YORK NEW YORK!!! I am starting to bounce off walls already. Gonna be chaos by the time I actually step on the plane, over 24 hours away still!!

Robaloni - Demanding. Kinky!

Koekie said...

Have a good time Champers - well earned break ;-)

Beenz said...

Thanks for the reading material so far, you will be missed.

Go recharge your batteries and come back firing on all cylinders.

candy said...

Have a good break... will miss your words champs!

take care.