Friday, August 31, 2007

US of A - Lesson One

Jet Lag is a bitch.

Reality is it's master.


DaveRich said...

Hellooo darlink! Jet lag is crap! It only hits you 3 days later. Hope you had a ball? Bring any wine back?

Anton said...

That's because modern technology is Evil.

God intended you to travel with a wooden rowing boat.

Revolving Credit said...

Jet lag? Jet laugh??

It just goes to prove that you didn't drink enough on the flight back. If you try and sleep all/most of the way, it does help the body adjust.

On your trip, were there any 'milehigh' opportunities?

Champagne Heathen said...

Dave...yeah, I think I have slept off the exhaustion, and now I am dealing with the time changes. Waking at odd hours, exhausted all day, and starving at bizarre times. Oh gawd...I hope it is jetlag & not signs of pregnancy!!!!

Anton - I ain't rowing anywhere. That's why God created men.

Rev - By the flight home I was barely able to consume water, let alone a tasty GnT! I was toxed to the hilt.

Sadly, no cubicle-pounding possibilities. The trip there had me seated next to a girl who brought a bible as her reading material, prayed before every meal, and asked what church I belonged to.... so I def. drank on the way there, and let the condoms keep falling out of my bag. Way back - well, there was that dodgy old Indian guy who kept wanting to chat, but it was not to be.

Anton said...

Hey Champagne.

God created Man so He, blessed be He, could watch Ultimate Fighting and Jet Lee movies.

Phlippy said...

Ahhh jet lag... I was once it's bitch too. It hurts. And it never writes you, it just uses you and then leaves you as an empty hollow vessel yearning for it's warmth... Uuuuuhhhh, I've said too much