Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Type Cast

He was not my type. Which was one reason why it so much fun to try out. Plus, I can’t say that my usual type has been that reliable… well, in a positive sense. Although, I still do love them.

And how so? That he was he not “my type”?

He was younger than me. Quite a change from my usual twenty years older… or guys acting like they are.

He passed comments that I was sipping on yet another glass of wine. Instead of suggesting we pop open another bottle.

He was South African.

He was completely single. No ex-wife, kids, possible girlfriend he wasn’t admitting to.

His career choice was bland. And he held no enthusiasm for it, that slightly lit up when speaking about his average day.

He never awed at my job or outlook on life. Well, at least he never voiced this.

He was not ten times bigger than me, for me to curl up into him.

He never ravished me. Tossed. Turned. And indulged in me. To the point where I did not even know which way was up was anymore.

....we could sit close without desperately needing to be delighting in even the slightest touch of one another.

He once passed a comment about how a girl undervalues herself if she goes for too many guys in the same group of mates. I couldn’t figure out what he meant by “Undervalues”??? When did we regress to the Victorian age?

….he was conservative. (First glaring signal it would never work with a girl like me).

He was cool and calm, even under any persona. Unlike the men I know who, when pushed, become intense and impassioned.

He would sms me to tell me he was missing me.

He has seen so little of the world and life, and thought I had done so much in my life.

He was happy to spend a Saturday night with me... and his mates... on couches with dvds.

He did not have an opinion on issues that I think about 24/7. I don’t even know if he knows what issues are really so close to me.

I don't even know what issues are close to him.

He did not boost me up. It was just calm and sweet. It felt equal in the way we were both simply exploring, seeing if feelings and passion would grow to Intense.

A lovely 'young' change.

Because it meant the drop down would not be so far.


I are wearing the jean pant said...

Mmm. Did like the way you wrote about him, even if he isn't your type. I sense a kind of comfortable excitment here. And thats thrilling :)

Anonymous said...


I'd rather be with someone bad than someone boring!

Mr Memetic said...

I'm bad.

I'm a naughty boy. I have a plan to destabilise Humankind via our dependence on technology, and through that become a warlord, once the dominoes fall.


I recently met this really cute, tall (about my height, 5.10) blonde with a pixie cut, and who has these Elvish (Tokien) features, and my inner Evil Genius crumbles like that chocolate that tumbles four days of the 28 day lunar cycle...

And she really is so cute. She's two years older than me, way hotter than me, and definitely can do better than me, but she is so vulnerable, that I don't think I will unleash my evil Electromagnetic Plan...

Because maybe... just maybe... I don't feel that Evil today.