Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Day in SA by clichés

Kids who are honoured enough to receive bursaries to universities are only being paid out mid-way through their year. In order to obtain materials and textbooks and basically to participate financially in academic life, some of the bursaried girls are sexually selling themselves.

This practice feeds into our HIV problems in this country and region.

One wonders if the Department of Education is responding to these girls, who are risking their lives in desperation for an education.

Desperate to get out of this mess but going from “Out of the frying pan into the fire”.

Yesterday’s Storm Warning did not hit good old solid Jozi. It did apparently hit areas around Polokwane and ripped the roofs off several schools up there. While the Matric kids were finally sitting down to write this year’s infamous exams.

When it rains… It pours.

P.S. Oh, and Please give a warm and heart Welcome Back to the lovely Jam!!!


Her Infinite Cuteness said...

it certainly does....

Anonymous said...

Jam is back? Yay!

And ja. girls are selling themselves for lots of stuff. In the research we do, it's incredibly how so many young girls (14/15) are finding themselves sugar daddies, just to compete for stuff.