Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Demographics in Perspective

Stats SA released one almighty Community Survey last week. It gets us up-to-date on where us citizens are in this country.

“The main objective of the survey was to provide demographic and socio-economic data at municipal level”.

And so, to increase your chances in the SA Current Affairs section of pub quizzes, here are some points I found of interest:

*Our population is now at 48.5 million people (Last count had it as 44,8 million);
*The highest population sizes are Gauteng and KZN;
*The least is Northern Cape (Well, now I know where to head when I am finally sick and done with you lot)

*There are an estimated 2,5 births per woman
(My mom definitely helped up this number)

*Kids (ppl aged between 5-24yrs) attending school has increased from 63% (1996) to 74%;
*Both males and females have equally benefited;
*Whites make up the highest percentage (73%) of these school-attending kids, while Coloureds have the lowest percentage (64%)

*10% of our population has had no schooling (this is a decrease from 1996’s 19%)
*40% of our population has some secondary education (this is an increase from 1996’s 34%)

*Almost 11,2 million people reported receiving social grants;
*The #1 grant being received is the CHILD SUPPORT GRANT, and in 2nd Place is the OLD AGE PENSION

According to this survey:
*Almost 71% of households live in formal dwellings now, up from 64% in 1996
*80% of households use electricity for lighting (58% in 1996)
*67% of households use electricity for cooking (47% in 1996)
*59% of households use electricity for heating (45% in 1996)
*The majority of households have access to piped water (88%)

This survey would like to point out that “the age composition of the population indicates that the size of labour is growing” while “the percentage of persons ages 20 years and above who have attained matric and higher level of education is still low”.
Goodie. Just what a country battling with a high unemployment rate and low skills rate is in need of. More people of age to work.

I like such things as this survey. Puts life in some perspective. Makes you think beyond yourself for an hour or two.

Now we can all go back to snogging a Jack O’Lantern, hugging a witch, or stealing candy from a neighbour.


Insane Insomniac said...

Thereis an entire thesis behind kids going to work instead of studying further.

Anyway - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ironically enough, its the only night of the year you won't stand a chance of being bitten by a vampire. Everyon knows self respecting demons stay in.

Champagne Heathen said...

And where might one come across this thesis?

It depends what you are terming "further study". Secondary school... Matric... Tertiary study?

Right now, it would be good to have 100% of children receiving a quality primary school education. The ideal would be for all to receive this up until Matric... a distant ideal sadly.

Apparently they cancelled the infmaous Halloween celebrations of The Castro (Gay Capital) in San Francisco. SO I guess even the queens will be staying in this year.