Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Week in Events

Appparently today is STAND UP FOR POVERTY Day.
I have no clue what this iniative is about. But a mate assured me that I have supported it already by lending him a few hundred rands, even though I rarely ever lend friends money. I am not sure I am convinced.

Yesterday was apparently WORLD FOOD DAY.
I also am searching for news on this, but not discovering much.

What I did discover was a quiz on the WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME'S (A United Nations Agency) site - combining Rugby & Hunger. How clever. Apparently my rugby/ hunger trivia sucks - 4/10.

In other news, that I know has been plaguing you as much as it plagues me, my thumb continues to be severed. I am pulling out glass shards by the day, and continue to avoid any sober medical attention. It has not gone green as yet, and for that I am grateful. But until someone promises to heavily sedate me before approaching this digit with a needle & thread, no one is touching it.

Now go and tell governments to move closer to Global Fair Trade, feed a kid in an underdeveloped school, and assist some impoverished fellow citizen with bettering their circumstances for the long term.

... I recommend helping a Matric student with being prepared for their current exams and/or helping them to fill out university application forms and/or promising them the very few thousand Rands for registration fee and accompanying them through university bureaucratic hell at the beginning of next year so they are properly registered.

So simple.

Then pass the sedatives & a nurse with excellent stitching ability.

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