Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alternative Charm

The boy is quickly charming me in to doe-eyed submission. Wow, but does he know what he is doing with all these compliments. Not even in a cheesy way, but in one suave manner.

AND! He likes the idea that I have a small affliction called “Crazy on Tequila”. Not that he has yet seen me on it.

I am not even able to charge my way through this, letting everything move too fast & explode in the face of the fling, so I can stop exploring emotions & concerns, and rather go straight back to my normal life of singledom. Exams & detox are nannying this into slow & steady behaved exploration.

Fascinating. Completely fascinating.

I have moments of cynicism. Sceptically reviewing the situation that is so different from the norm of my other men. But then I realise, some of my past men were, to put it politely, emotionally-stunted verbal-bullying twats, while others weren’t even in country long enough to recall my latest company’s name. So surely such a change, such an increase in standard, can only be a sign of my progression.

Then I go back to privately grinning like a fool. Because, hell, it is so much better to enjoy than to think.

He better kiss as well as he charms.


High in Dubai said...

Cheeky Champers,

Go with the flow and enjoy this, it's the best part!

(Cheeky is now going to accompany your name because of the comment yesterday... I am home soon - and you will be invited!).

Unknown said...

Champers, I totally agree with high in dubai, enjoy it!!!Enjoy it!!! Be a love fool!

Champagne Heathen said...

High - he he he!

Natalie - Oh and I am, but yes, I definitely feel like a fool! But in a fun way.

SheBee said...

Ooooooh I love reading pre-love posts. The are always so barf-inducing :P

Go with the force, champs!

Ruby said...

we're only allowed te be fools while we are in love...the rest of the time we don't have an excuse! so enjoy champers!

Champagne Heathen said...

Ok, all of you fools, let's just slow back on the word "love" here!! Let's use something infatuation... intrigued... bemused... hmmm. Our language really needs more descriptive words!