Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Have Mail

Thank you to the emailer of a very special email I received today.

The old blog inbox very very occasionally lights up with new mail. And it is 90% banter. So to receive one that is profound and personal means such a great deal.

It means that one of my aims of why I keep this blog, and on the lines I keep it, might be achieved.

I have been an open-personalitied person since the day I was yanked from my mom’s womb.

But that does not always make being open about & trying to be at peace with everything in one’s life easy. Especially in this forum, where the writer is well aware of some readers’ love to judge – and even for some to post scathing judgements in the hope of a chuckle.

So, today I received an email thanking me for my openness. It touched the emailer & will help the emailer help another.

Paying it forward?



The Blonde Blogshell said...

I agree with have an awesome blog. Cosmo thinks so too! ;-)

I'm also glad you write just about every day, like I do. I look forward to reading different things each day!
2 thumbs up x

Anonymous said...

Most definitely paying it forward!


Patchwork said...

Yes, you're paying it forward. How about sending some of that good stuff my way huh?

ATW said...

Funny thing this paying it forward stuff. I have saved a PDF copy (just in case blogger goes offline) of your 16 Days of Activism" to share with my little girl when she's a bit older than the 6 she now is.

Champagne Heathen said...

Blondie - aaah, you are but too kind :)

Anon - :)

Bridget - you offer me some sufficient time to get some good deep sleep, and I'll discuss this good stuff with you further...!

atw - Firstly - CONGRATS on your Wedding Anniversary about two weeks ago! I never did get to say that. 10 years!! WOW! AND you have a 6 yr old girl! :) Lucky you!

And thank you so much for that compliment. I hope it helps her!