Thursday, February 14, 2008

7 odd things about me

So there is a tagging moment happening in blog world. And I am struggling this morning, following this week’s attempt by me and hubby to drink the city dry (The Boyf. is out of town and thinks he has left me in capable safe hands. HA!).

So I am taking up the double challenge from Blondie & High. BUT, instead of doing 14, I rather am going to link back to when I did this quite awhile ago on 5 things. I recall it being quite serious though. But not today's one (then of 9)! I am in one chipper mood.

So….first here….then:

1. After re-reading that tagging moment for a few years back, I decided it was too serious to link back to. And that time is passed. The thoughts are different;

2. Last night I was straddling the corner of a stove trying to dry my wine-drenched pants;

3. I wrote an article for Cosmo last year that made my father blush;

4. My youngest brother and one of my best mates love to play on my bizarre phobia, and find it hysterically funny when I shriek and scream and quiver in complete fear when I see monkey-people (Seriously, you do not realise how hard it was for me to even find these links). Not monkeys, monkey-people. Big difference. To me anyway;

5. I hated my school & its Colonial Overbearing Will-force-you-into-lady-moulds-yet mentality. Yet I am the girl who finally took control of the situation and is sorting out our ten year reunion happening in a few weeks. I am praying there will be wine at the lunch, if not, I am taking a hip flask;

6. If I was not in the AIDS game, I'd be in the wine game. For me, some wines are art in a bottle. Plus I kinda like the farms & scenery;

6. My family has little to no skaam. My grandmother gave one of my brothers a year’s subscription to PLAYBOY for his 16th birthday. The other night my mom was flicking through channels when she went past some hectic sex scene, oblivious. When I pointed this out…she went back to that channel. In today’s family group emailing, with me begging for advice on what to get the boy for Valentine’s Day, one line in my brother’s email read:
“He's a miner though so maybe get him a sexy hard hat or something. And I'm talking about the type of hat you wear on your head 'Champagne Heathen'”.

7. This week I have decided to explore my short-term career options. It is time;

8. The only other time I have had a guy in my life for Valentine’s Day was when I was about 15, and he was a sixteen year old school-drop-out who was making jewellery for a living and said he had made me a bracelet – which I never received.

Today, when I arrived at the office, the security lady was patiently waiting at the door holding a glass red vase with two red roses, grinning. They were from my boyfriend. I have been blushing like mad ever since. And all I want to do is kiss him longingly in thanks. But he is not in town this week.


Ruby said...

just think of how intense that kiss is gonna be when you eventually see him!!! that should pull you through:-)

High in Dubai said...

Naaaaice Champers... Managed to work our way through 5 art-in-a-bottles last night. Definitely not good for a work day.

Loving that you being loved... Happy Val Day!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Awesome! I'm impressed :-)

Happy Valentines Day doll! I'm being surprised tonight! Can't wait x

Triggermap said...

I think the monkey-man phobia beats the more common clown phobia - its quite unlikely that married-with-kids friends will organise a monkey-man for their kids parties. On the other hand, I guess you don't like Helena Bonham Carter that much, right? :P

Please tell us more about the cosmo article (unless doing so will out your real world identity).

Your very subtle hint to blog more has been noted and I will proceed to blog now. Although I need to vote for your blog first... Glad you are doing very well :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Ruby - you're not helping!! But

Highs - 5 bottles! Good form! Unless of course there were 10+ of you...
Have a gorgeous rest of your Valentine's Day!

Blondie - It was my pleasure. And I expect to read all... I mean most rather... of the surprise details tomorrow. Good for you!

Trigger! Fancy seeing a guy like you in a place like this! And great to see you still pop into this here blogging world.

Let's just not talk about those bizarre scary hairy man-made ape things, shall we...

I lokok forward to reading your news very soon!

The article does hold my name, so no can do. But it was fun researching! And appeared in a sealed sex section. Ooo la la!

I hope you have one gorgeous Valentine's evening!

Her Infinite Cuteness said...

Ah young love!!! :)

Cosmo just loves you from what i can tell

Champagne Heathen said...

Well then best they start hiring me and my typing skills a little more often!!