Friday, February 08, 2008


Aha and Bananarama.

Bruce and well, more Bruce.

Abba in Spanish.

Top Gun by matchbox size. (Bring on the Volleyball scene!!)

Giving your iPod over to a mate to improve your music collection can turn things fairly surreal.

And I am still only on the ‘A’ & ‘B’s.

So I am learning away at this whole relationship thing. Fascinating. Damn well insightfully fascinating. If not slightly terrifying.

The first lesson I am being taught is why one with minimal to void fitness levels (me) should get involved with a man who is bordering on sportsman-at-professional-levels of fitness.

Added to this is the quandary of dating a man younger than oneself.

I do not have the stamina for this!!

And no amount of claiming older age, tired old weary bones (mine! Though by 3am I sometimes am wishing it was his!), and gotta get to work early (“just set the alarm for earlier”) seems to be deterring his “suggestions”.

Lesson two, should you be unfit and disinterested by nearly all that resembles exercise, is to date a man who holds a job that takes him around the world for odd weeks here and there.

“Aaah, comeon, you’ll be able to sleep most of March”
“MARCH!! You want me to last until MARCH!?!?”

And a final lesson, before I refill the coffee machine for the third time this morning, is that it is not a good idea to have the puppies and a suggestive man in the same room. Too much attention being demanded, too little energy to give from this older woman.

“Puppy! I love you BUT... I am trying to kiss this boy! Could you get your nose and soccer ball out of our faces!!”

Apparently he and I have decided to spend a quiet Friday in tonight.



Revolving Credit said...

"I do not have the stamina for this!!"

So you're finally getting some are you???


Sounds like more exercise, less tequila and maybe joining Peas for bit of cycling when she finally manages to get back on the bike.

Isn't sex exercise in it's owen right??

Champagne Heathen said...

The problem here is that I need to climb OFF the bike for a bit!

And it's not like I've been lacking in "some", but one nighters or brief flings do not train one up for full-on see-the-guy-every-night relationship tournament apparently.

Previously, my main exercise was yoga. I think I need to take this boy to some Tantric classes. Slow and steady. Except can't those go on for HOURS. Uh oh.

Revolving Credit said...

The more you cycle, the fitter you get!

So, get back on that bicycle and ride it like it's stolen!!!

Champagne Heathen said...

Well fine, but if I fall dead from exhaustion may it be on your head!

And NO! I was using a figure of speech, but not a pun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Champs.

I feel your pain! After four months apart from (also younger) Mr Man, two weeks later I feel like the stolen bike (I love this rev. wha-hahaha)! I REALLY do not have the stamina for this!! He is going hiking this weekend. I told him he needs to RUN up the mountain!! Expend some... no! LOTS of energy! Grrrr! He is not allowed back at mine unless he is on the brink of collapse from physical exhaustion.

Hope you feeling better!

Just S.

Champagne Heathen said...

Just S - Ha ha ha! Damn youth of today. AND the problem long term is that the hike is just going to make him fitter! My plan now is, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", to get myself fitter - and asap!!

Good luck to both of us!