Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Wedding

We’ve withstood the first test – a weekend of travel away. Instead of ending up at each other’s throats with knives, daggers and over-companied irritation, by this morning my guy and I were at each other’s throats in that sickly sweet soft-porn way.

I didn’t catch the bouquet. Didn’t want to. But also… I was under strict orders to ensure that another girl had it blatantly flung into her arms – as maybe if she catches it for the 3rd time in a row her boyfriend will catch the now-glaring-hint. But with as much purpose as she took the flowers, her boyfriend took the chance to not be around to notice or realise.

Some old white haired man hobbled past me & the boyf. still early into the evening & laid his prediction down that we will one day be the newly-hitched awed-at couple. A wise old oracle man in our midsts?! Or, rather I reckon, that he hit the whiskey earlier than the rest of us.

Then in a display that this might all be more serious than jovial me ever reckons… the boyf. and I took a R100 bet on whether we will get married. If we do, it will be me, the bride, who will have to hand over the blue Rand bill.

So the last of the season’s weddings was good fun. The bride & us ‘maids were barefoot for most of the night – from traipsing down a red carpet onto the drizzling beach setting, the shortest most-amusing ceremony known to man - given by a best friend of the groom, tasty food and all running smoothly in that way where nothing really does run smoothly.

This was my first wedding attendance where I was coupled. And boy, what a parallel world it is! I even finally cracked the nod to sit at the “couple table”!! [They drink FAR less than the singles’ table. Which just mean all the more wine for me!] I ended up spending most of the time in my guy’s company rather than hooligan dancing with the other crazy strangers-till-the-first-tequilas singles. No shaking one’s hips & ass out of the clutches of the dodgy single male guests while twirling towards the cute single guys. No getting to know 3/4s of wedding attendees through tipsy jabbering. At one stage I stopped and realised that this was the most bizarre of all moments… being more than content there in the arms of my guy, watching the wedding go past, rather than helping it along its over-merry way.

It ended me with lying on the bedroom floor pulling 1001 pins and clips from my “hairdo” and vowing that I will be handing the boyf that R100 in a Vegas chapel – cause all this admin and tradition and “nuances” of individual weddings just ain’t worth the stress!

So from West Coast America, to Jo’burg North, searching out Church names in Soweto, to the deck of a where-I-grew-up beach house, with a stint amongst the Stellenbosch vineyards, and finally ending barefoot (no damn gold shoes actually necessary!!) in a Eastern Cape beach pub – so ends Wedding Season 2007/08.


Anonymous said...

So it sounds like attending a wedding as a single person is alot more fun, did you miss it a bit???

Did you get a gift from the bride for being bridesmaid, if so what'd you get???

Ruby said...

i loove going to weddings single, but i love going as part of a couple even more:)

sounds like you guys had a beautiful wedding:) i'm glad the travel test went well! i've been giggling at you being all silly and in love and i might actually have to stop...damn!

Champagne Heathen said...

Anon - I still danced around crazy-like & we mostly stuck with the singles people anyway.

If I had to try compare the two, it would be that when you are single at such events, you are high on the excitement of what could happen. What madness could pan out. That you are responsible for just you & your behaviour & nonsense. When you are with someone, you have to consider them before you start swigging back the tequila or start skinny dipping with a group of drunken fools. When he is beyond exhausted, you just want to take him home (and give him a DECENT reason to wake up!).

So the thrill of the unexpected is gone. And I miss that in a way. But I like the guy too much to be too concerned.

Plus cause we are still in early stages we are so cute and cuddling and kissing and all that sickening sweet crap, & I don't want to leave his side too much yet - to even the point where the bride said "Seriously guys, enough now!" HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Gifts were a gorgeous drop necklace & gold earrings to wear with the pretty dress THAT I FITTED INTO!! YEAH!!!

Rubes - I think I'll need a few more as a couple to decide, but I want to sit with the crazy singles in future, even if we are in a couple!

I'll try to get some photos up - cause all was beautiful from the setting to, of course, my gorgeous friend!

Never stop giggling. It's more amusing that way!

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit like you're buying a husband for R100??

First thing though is that you shouldn't have to buy one!

Second thing is that if you have to buy one, get one that cost more that R100.

Insane Insomniac said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. I went to a wedding as a +1 and ended up having a blast! Shaking my ass and having a fo both worlds.

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev - you're right! The sneaky little bastard! See if I put out for him now after that trick! Although, jokes on him - he'll be stuck with me for life! HA!

Insanity - now there is an angle to the wedding scene I have yet to try out! Be the +1! Great to hear yours was a success

Anonymous said...

Your last statement was somewhat confusing??

Are you playing for a husband or are you just paying for sex?