Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just another moment in still not growing up

I’m on some stranger’s couch, groping at the red wine, and telling my mate that he may be cute but I am desperately in love so he must not even think of maybe wondering to think of maybe even trying to kiss me. Ok? Are you listening?

“For you guys”
She is holding out to us what looks like a big white round Tupperware lid. A tray of some sorts. But where are the shot glasses or whatever it is she is apparently offering us? What do I want with a tray?
“Not for us” my mate politely declines, in the same sceptical way he waved off the earlier offer of a tarot reading.
Was it her that offered to read our cards, or the other girl. The few characters are already confused in my inebriated head.
And I’m too wedged into the couch to be able to see anything above the white plastic rim, try as I meerkat might.
Off she swaggers.
“Hmm. Was that just a tray of coke?”
“Oh. How fascinating. I’ve always wanted to be offered a whole tray of coke. I always just kinda thought, if I was, it would be in some swanky Sandton or Clifton high rise apartment. Not really some students’ digs on some busy main road of some leafy suburbia. Are these students? Am I in a movie? Have I told you how wonderful my guy is…”

I’ve never taken coke. Never will. I’ve always just wanted the offer of a whole tray of the shit. It has the feeling of what “Big Time” stuff is made of. But I have always had this paranoia that I’d end up sneezing or breathing out too heavily, and get kicked out for causing their white expensive ego powder to be lost into the carpet threads.

Instead. I fell happily into a snooze, dreaming of a boy I miss more than I am feeling is healthy, on some stranger’s couch in some random’s apartment like I have vowed 1000 times before I would never do again.


Insane Insomniac said...

Coke is more common than you think. I've never tried it, purely cos no one has offered it to me. My one mate, who, well, profiteers in recreational amphetamines, told me that I don't have the look of someone who'd take drugs so no one would ever approach me with the intent to sell.

I didn't know whether to be bummed or complimented.

Champagne Heathen said...

And what does it say about ME then! Cause I have often been offered the stuff....just never a whole tray of the stuff at a party... I always hear about dinner parties & cocktail events where waitresses stroll about with trays of it...and when I was finally offered it on a tray with lines and lines...well, it just wasn't in the setting I'd imagined.

Koekie said...

I've only been offered coke once, but seen it around plenty. That one time was just a case of miscommunication. The girls at the party didn't realise that I was in the toilets because I actually needed to wee. They were there for other means of release..

Champagne Heathen said...

Koeks - Ha Ha! Yeah, apparently it is the only reason the guys' cubicles ever get used in some clubs. I've walked into a stall where a girl was shnarfing away...and it was at the Bowls' club...who does coke at the Bowls club!?!?!?
I am starting to worry about how often I have had it around me, and how often it has been offered to me in the past!!

Anonymous said...

Well, thats another topic that a lot of never engage into. i wonder why? I have been offered "Snow"(we used to refer to it as that at my last job)countless times and i must say, i have even purchased, tried it and did it. I think i still have the dealers cell no. on my phone still!!! I remember the first time i tried it, with this other chick i used to date, she was heavy on this stuff. I have even went as far as cutting lines on my desk@work on a Wednesday normally around 11H30am, just before my boss got back from his endless out-of-office meetings. Me(PA), the HR manager and my direct manager. All of these peeps were ladies, in all races and from all walks of life and we suprisingly were the best of friends just because of that main recreational common factor.

Hell, my current so called boyfriend is like he says" a phamarcist, for the social community". Dude has scars to prove it, on his left arm and on his chest, very perculiar i must say...He actually practises drug trafficking and they use his body to mve these drugs, mostly E's!

what suprises is that people seem to not have an idea of how many people use this stuff on a day to day basis, under our noses, at work, in the loo, even behind closed boardroom doors...

Ask your self, maybe "your" boss is hooked on the shit as well...and yet he looks at yall "funny" when you are all at a function, Tippsy! I wonder why???

from JET LEE-