Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Entrepreneur’ing It

Something I am loving about our dearest South Africa, that others pointed out to me and I am starting to feel out with a toe tip, is the initiatives you can just start up.

Have an idea, “Hey, why has no one thought of this” … brainstorm, chat to some mates in supporting industries, get some funding, and try to realise it. It fails. So be it. It’s damn impressive you tried! What is next to try out.
But when it succeeds…HEY! HEY! Maaaan, great for you and great for us, look where this is leading…

Our country is pushing our entrepreneurial buttons, and slowly some of us are registering.

As our populace catches on to the internet, so are folks trying to be a step ahead in web-based initiatives. Thinking is starting to be voiced with pride. Energy crises are leading people to realise their lateral windmill waterfall thinking. New looks for a new lifestyle is bombarding our malls. Black women Going For It is now in gloss. Humanitarian helplessness have people cycling up mountains, okes building fold-up-relief houses, starting workshops to teach people Positive Living techniques.

Forget Mrs Ball & Biltong, that’s so Great Trek. Forget the Kreepy Krawly of the ‘70s. We cannot even thumb down what our neighbour is realising right now. People are tumbling out the ideas, and actually it is thanks to our chaotic unsettled society of SA today.

I have ideas all the time. And only recently have mates been encouraging me to not only maybe realise them, but to get the hell out of these four fluorescent-lit walls & red-brick atrium office blocks, and maybe, just perhaps, take a chance and gain a living from them.

As I said… for me right now, it is a toe-tip of a water test. I’m ready to dive in, but I’ve always enjoyed taking my cautious time. One toe at a time and all. My little buzzing mind has just started to grasp out to the madness of the possibilities.

But I sure am liking what I feel!

P.S. MUCHOS THANKS to darling lovely incredible YFM for this morning’s free coffee... handed to me at a robot on my way to work... but some over-energetic crazy folks on microphones & music. Fairly mad. I think it was something about Road Safety. All I know, is I am forever indebted to anyone who hands me a first cuppa coffee in the morning...

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Aquila said...

hehe road safety - with a cup of java in the hand whilst driving....a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

Then, I must thank Gloria Jean's for the great coffee in Lonehill the other day. Man THAT was good stuff.