Monday, May 19, 2008

Just let me travel!!!

Do you think if we just did away with nationalities and passports, visas and patriotism, life would be happier and more peaceful.

From Jo'burg's township "Xenophobic" violence. South Africans furious that "foreigners" are stealing jobs and houses - yet, what about Jo'burg residents being angry at inland migration? DO people not realise they are fighting over political borders....and do they not realise how nonsensical that seems.... but philosophising never helped feed or house a person...not sure burning, torching, murdering and raping did either.

To the hatred I feel for all embassies asking me to note the 10 days they take to deem me & my gorgeous guy passable to enter their country for a handful of days.

First World citizens don't have to jump through hoops, pay more for the sticker in their passports than the plane ticket, learn how to grin and charm and sweet talk and beg borrow and swear when in an embassy queue, to print all life details from how your stomach felt in the morning to your boss's wife's step kids credentials.

Nationalism really does seem to be more and more ridiculous by the globalising day. Not so?

Back to fighting and charming and special offering!


Anonymous said...

so where are your travels taking you next?

Lady Leather said...

I hear you!!
When I was a kid, my family and I moved to an island in the UK for 2 years. My dad was sent there for work. Because my dad is Scottish, my brother and I got British passports, but my mom, being South African didnt. When we arrived in Heathrow, all my dad, brother and I had to do, was walk up to the counter, give our passport, it was stamped, and we were welcomed with a smile. My mother had to queue in lines for 2 hours to have medical tests, visas stamped, practically body searched, as if she had some kind of disease. I dont get it?

Lopz said...

I am a South African living in London, and the last 2 years have been one nightmare after another of visas, passport dramas, not being to join my luckier EU passport holding friends on holidays and just general embassy mayhem. And the costs... it has run into the thousands. That's pounds. I feel for you. x

Champagne Heathen said...

Sergeant Moods - UK, Croatia & Hungary!! :) Very spur of the moment... well, as spur of the moment as visa circus allows!

Happy Snaps - You have a foreign passport?? Can I marry you or your brother??!! Yup, even though we don't need UK visas (yet!), we still have to have the forms to prove we won't be staying... and it's almost even worse, cause you could get turned away there in Heathrow!

Leez - Argh, I can just imagine, especially as those with 1st World passports can just up and travel at a day's notice to any great EasyJet/ RyanAir flight special for the next day. But us...oh no!! And I always travel with a norwegian, who cannot understand what the big fuss is about, as she is allowed EVERYWHERE!!! Grrr!!!

Lady Leather said...

Yeah, I will be honest, Im one of the lucky ones. I wish I woulc marry all of my friends who are struggling to get overseas. Start a polygamous marriage house or something. If I get it going I'll let you know Champs ;)