Monday, July 21, 2008

An exercise in diplomacy

Have I disappeard. Am I losing the taste for this blabbering.
Probably not.
I have rather just been caught up in the Eastern Cape. Living the good life, thanks to the sponsorship of government.

I love government.
They are always a mind fuck.
Such good efforts are channelled through them, that you cannot completely hate them.

But their desperation for PR’ing and for winning everyone’s vote – from the common ousie to the top international funders, can be embarrassing, can be beyond hypocritical, and is always eye opening.

No more money for project activities, but enough to throw one great party of a conference to end the project off. Gifts that would make the Oscar organisers blush.

They’ll talk to me like the semi-slave I am. But are incredibly grateful for the reports and presentations I churn out.
Then they’ll cut my work in half… to ensure they never faced a challenge or did anything wrong.

Since when did reality feature in Politics. I have so much still to learn.

They’ll play the crowd up & remind the hard workers of how it is because of these unpaid efforts that the country will survive. Then retire to their “VIP” area and talk about the “low low level whoevers” who tried to get near them. Do these people not know their place!

They’ll beg for The People to be patient with government. “We are overcoming the evils of the past! But this cannot happen in a day!” (what about in ten years!?)
And jet off to a foreign country to demand admiration for their hard efforts.
People like me and the work us guys at the back put in is never mentioned.
Government did it all by themselves.
And did it for “Us, The People”. Hey comrade…you low-level whatever.

Excuse me. I have an exercise in PR to get back to as I write the report for what occurred over the past few days in the Eastern Cape.

Photos of unmet orphans included.
My job sure does make me chuckle in cynicism most days.


Anonymous said...

Ai Champers. How do you not become hard and bitter?

Champagne Heathen said...

I have mentors. And fuckme, but the amount of work they put in, and the lack of thanks and recognition they get, yet they keep smiling, and keep going, and keep making changes is so admirable that I am humbled, and keep trying to change my arrogant childish ways to theirs.

It's all about the quiet mentors.