Monday, August 25, 2008

Warmest Hearts

What the general public seems to get wrong in assumptions about the “aid” world, is that 90% of the workers actually give a damn about they are doing, 100% of the time.

Some days (tired Monday mornings especially?) I feel like most people in this give-us-your-money-and-we’ll-save-the-world environment couldn’t care. Never could. But government wouldn’t hire them. Or it was the cheapest way to get travelling.

Don’t think just cause our websites claim we are good people, focused on “righting wrongs”, means we don’t waste the majority of your money/ our time/ the best intentions and most well-meaning people.

Some days, I just kinda feel, we do best at destroying the people with the warmest hearts. Hell, I hope I am wrong. And that it just is a tired Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

lets hope Tuesday has a differeent focus...and don't let the doing getz in the way of the thinking; if you know whatz i mean and i know that you do.

Anonymous said...

You have the warmest heart champs :-) Really... I actually told someone that not too long ago. Don't be discouraged, humans have some weird traits, but don't let it bring you down.Stay true to who you are and filter out all the unnecessary noise. In some ways, I totally agree with what you have said - from experience, TLC seriously lacks in the land of aid work...discouraging & turning away many. Ironic in many ways especially considering the intentions of aid. But you know that already! Have a wonderful Tuesday....smoooches from a not so far off place....

Champagne Heathen said...

Numero - Tuesday held a workshop with intelligensia on a new topic, so that was a perfectly timed change! I will keep going & keep plodding but I definitely feel I have been at this junction before, and really, it is a pathetic unnecessary place!

Anon - Aaah, thank you loveliness! And you & I discuss this 24/7 & seem to be at similar places, A-fkcing-GAIN. Egos & arrogance exist in this world, and support, respect, pat-on-the-back IMPRESSED, and caring are ironically so lacking. Thank you for always being supportive!! And I hope you are having a gorgeous time in that gorgeous place! Love ya! (Gawd, I hope this is the anon I am thinking it is!)