Friday, October 10, 2008

So Long...

This blog has done its time.

I have done my time.

I started this when The World was screwed up and I was terrified of that.

Now I feel like I am back to taking it on.

Crutches-free. Walking easy.

I looked at some of my ’06 posts… and I have definitely grown from publicly discussing my parking tickets and life lessons on friends. But I see I was discussing all the random article readings and Development World frustrations just the same as I do now.

I haven’t reflected in quite a few months now. And I don’t plan on it. At least not in this outworn space.

I don’t plan on writing out and reading ramblings. And I figure a lot of folk who used to pass by here don’t either.

Time to shut up this shop and move on.

I cannot wait to see what I next get up to. With a bottle of bubbles in my hand.

….and thanks for all the fish!


boldly benny said...

So long and thanks for all the fish ;-)
It's been great popping by - always enlightening and inspiring!
Hopefully see you around.

noodle said...

It's been awesome… I'm gonna miss all the amusing anecdotes.
Keep us all in the loop if you start blogging again.

Anonymous said...

We shall miss you, Ms Champers. More than the fish.


but good luck with the next chapter.

Leigh Anne said...


Now how will I know what's happening in the world? Are you forcing me to start reading newspapers? :'(

I'm going to miss you!

Anonymous said...

Until the next salvo tender comrade take care!

Anonymous said...

oi. what?

well. I for one am not going to miss reading your thoughts even a little bit...
you use way too many big words for me anyway...

I wish you more roadside windpomp sightings, strawberry jam sandwiches, happy trails and less monkey people, you crazy lady ;p

oh and world peace, obviously.

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you champs, but a new chapter awaits!

Thanks for all the great reads and brilliant perspectives hun. :-)

candy said...

I'm gonna miss your ass, sugar :) Haven't been that active lately... but still been hovering in the shadows. I', busy resurrecting my blog as we speak. Stay safe and stay happy... but most of all ...stay you. Xx

Anonymous said...

Champers, the end of an era!!! You will be missed!!!

High in Dubai

Champagne Heathen said...

I am still reading all of yours though! Don't worry about that!

Benz - See you around & all the best for your next phase/ move-in!

Noodle - If a strange person pops up talking about champagne & poor kids... it'll be fair to assume...

Dolce - Thanks sweet lady!! I'll def. keep reading you!

Leigh Anne - You have been quiet!! Hmm. And no... not the newspapers, too much crap... It's all about CLASSIC FM News!

Numero - You look after yourself too sweet man!

The God Owner - you know where to still stalk me though :)

Rox - Ah thanks lady! But I'll see you on your side!

Candy - you also! You've been VERY quiet!! I'll check in on yours!

Highs - Hmm. Any chance I met you this weekend!

ATW said...


But thanks for your time
Then you can thank me for mine
And after that's said
Forget it

Don't be inane
There's no one to blame
No reason why
You should stay here
And lie to me

Don't say anymore
Just walk out the door
I'll get along fine
You'll see

But thanks for your time
Then you can thank me for mine
And after that's said
Forget it

If there was a word
But magic's absurd
I'd make one dream come true

It didn't work out
But don't ever doubt
How I felt about you

But thanks for your time
Then you can thank me for mine
And after that's said
Forget it

Thank you...It's been good to share your life over the last few years. Maybe crash into one another in some EC river someday.

po said...

Gosh if you ever start another blog please make it known!

RB said...

Hang on a damn fucking minute!

You owe me something! You owe me.

How the hell can you just sommer upsticks and not show us who the hell has been entertaining us so well all these years?

Where is the photo you told me in 2006 that you'd email me?

Lots of luck and love and peace and dronk verdriets from:

the ex iScatterling

Anonymous said...

Really really?

Thanks for the education Champers, I'll miss your cutting and insightful posts!


Anonymous said...

I will miss you. Will really miss you. Hope you will still come over for a visit.

Champagne Heathen said...

atw - till that eastern cape river!! :) Thanks!

po - I am almost 100% certain I will... blogging ain't no solo sport!

Rob - that photo on this post IS from 2006!! Me, Paris, Champagne... I keep my promises... even if you don't read the fine print :)

Koeks - Really really! But you know where to find me...!

AA - I'll keep reading you! Man, I probably needed your advice in the past few days...definitely have existential crises about this stupid aid world. I think I am over it. The farce that it is. Not helped by teh US government being the main donor!! AGHRGAHGRHAGHR. Anyway. I don't think I should be reading "CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN" right now in my life basically. Have you read it??

Kim said...

Wow that is so sad Champers!I have been reading your blog for what seems like years!
Good luck with everything!

Daedalus said...

Hey ... I passed here ... I might be late .. but i passed :P Catch you on other mediums Shampooooo! Mwah!

Anonymous said...

I've been walking around that one. I know I should read it but it might not be good for my frame of mind either... Had a chat to the UN this week and told them what we really need is simplicity globally in funding. Enough money going around but too many hoops and not enough info. The nightmare of donors...