Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Let’s give it a try for a bit. After all, like so much of a techno kid’s life, ‘delete’ is but a button…or a tequila bottle…away!

But let’s keep it light and fluffy. Lekker airy. Just like the nail technicians from the north of north.

Resolutions Oh!Nine!

1. No more judging. That’s right. It just is not healthy. I am going to stop airing my opinion on what I think of you. And you. ….But maybe not on you in the corner just yet.

2. Operation 55 – I must weigh 55 kilos (or less… haahhahahahah) by July. Hotness must be me in a bikini & all the sarongs that the little Malaysian kiddies can weave, in just a few months.

3. Art classes. To get out and out the creativity that right now is only realised through bad photos and Microsoft Picture Editor.

4. French Delf B by September. Parce que L’Homme préfère quand ek die taal praat. And it might earn me more career brownie points.

5. Career move. Deargod. Please. Career path realignment & happiness.

6. Complete ignorance on all that is Local Political Crises. These are not really crises. The media is just muppeting me about. And I will have no more of it. Me and this country need more global perspective and while this little outpost does have some internal dilemmas, we are not falling apart at the seams.

(I’m sure I am meant to have 9 for the year. Hmmm.)

7. A short story for the PEN competition. And blog a few times a week to keep me writing & slightly more creative.

8. Learn to make ginger beer. A new addiction. Home made fizzy refreshing ginger beer. Mmmm mmmm.

9. Change the entire Aid World. The Aid Machine. That sucks in the money & goodwill & souls of good people and keeps churning everything about. Not actually spitting anything out.

That’s right. I am taking on this entire 50 year old industry. In this year. Remember this ink spot!

Nine. Done. Dusted. Let’s begin…


Anonymous said...

Addicted. *grin*

Anonymous said...

I'm can help you with nuber 2 on your list.

Just email me a photo of yourself in a bikini every 2nd week, and I'll see that you and your sub 55kg self are in the same taxi and get off at HotnessBergVilleFontein together.

No thanks required. It's what makes me me.

Louisa said...

Hey, there's no champagne on your to-do list! What's up with that?!

Champagne Heathen said...

Dolce - :) Thanks for the encouragement.

Thegodowner - Ja ja, you wish! The boyf. might hunt you down for that. Then I'd have to visit him in jail. And what fun is THAT!

Louisa - A brilliant observation! But it is now like air to me. I constantly forget that it courses through my veins. So it is unsaid but def. implied.