Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It all changed from yesterday

Well, my home-to-be has nearly burned through the earth’s crust.

I am past the point of exhaustion.

My donor wants my ass. And not in the Valentine way. But something more resembling a prison scene.

My guy is being gorgeous in his support of my overstress. But right now is having yet another World Of Beer lunch! And this drives me insane with jealousy.

I am scanning my new life options. Come five months time. Sala Kahle SA….for 3 or so years.

In just five months, I am (we are!) up and outta here, for a whole new continent. A whole new life styling. Travel adventures abounding.

And the latest question seems to be, “Babe, my mom wants to know if you’re going to make sandwiches for me to take for lunch while we’re over there”.

Fck. I knew Australia was far away. I didn’t realise it was as far from us as being back in the 1950s!!

Needless to say. There was no sex for him last night.


Anonymous said...

Hello, hello! It is I...You know who I don't pretend! Nice to see your blog up and running. Am in training the whole week this week and today I'm taking major strain....this waking up at 4:55 to make sure I am at the crazy Sandton central office at insane! How can the traffic lights be out on Sandton Drive/William Nicol for over 24 hours?!?!? You'll enjoy Oz...If there is anything left when you get there...I'll miss u :-(

Ok, ramble know how much I love this was a note to convey just that!!!!! Smooooooooooches

boldly benny said...

That is so exciting! I'm so envious and just thrilled for you!

Ha ha re your man's comment!

po said...

Wow good luck! moving is stressful and exciting and just overwhelming!

john dodds said...

And for you?

Champagne Heathen said...

Chiksa! I've been missing you today! Stop working so hard ffs!!! Me, meanwhile, I am taking tomorrow off to snooooooze! :)

Love you too! And now you'll have to extend every Dec trip a little further east! :)

Benz - Don't be envious - you have couch space - make it happen!
The comment above is actually from a good friend, she's just dodgy like that :P

Po - I realised at lunchtime just how little time is actually left! FOK!!!!! Stressful indeed!

John - Sometime one must suffer for what one believes in!

Anonymous said...

Where abouts in Oz will you be? It's a cool continent!

Champagne Heathen said...

Dolce - I'll be living it up in the supposed cultural hub of Melbourne... have you been there??? Any advice!!???