Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rude is as Rude does

Nothing like being trapped in a sick sweaty hovel of one’s room. Bedded by the common cold. Mmmmm.

During a High of Corenza yesterday, I managed to get in some Oprah time. All about rudeness. How many of us are rude, how many of us don’t think we are rude, how the whole lot of us are all rude!

Too true. Fok maar, some things drive me insane with irritation and bewilderment – How on earth do you think you can even do THAT. But I know I am as guilty of some shocking “trying of luck”. So….

My Top 5 Hates of Rudeness:

· Traffic Behaviour. Although I think this should be a category of its very own. But for me, it is the most blatant ignoring of basic traffic rules – turning into my lane as we both turn a corner, driving up the one ways the wrong fkcing way, pushing up my car’s cute little ass, sneaking up the short queue to push into the long queue right at the end….especially when the short queue is the oncoming traffic lane!!!

· Ignoring someone with whom you are interacting. There is a living breathing feeling creature in your presence, howz about trying a basic “Hi, howareyou”. OR! Even more b.a.s.i.c – a hint of eye contact. LOOK at the other human being across the till counter, who is serving you with food & drinks for the next few hours, who is holding the door open for you. Because, when you don’t, you come off as holier-than-arrogant-thou, and even all the holy gays gave time to everyone, no matter how much lower in the social-income pecking order. If you can’t do human eye contact, what can you do in your humanity.

· Cellphones in movies. Enough said? No! Let alone those folk who lean into the crack of the other chair to whisper “I can’t talk now” (you do realise, if it went to voicemail, the phoner would’ve instantaneously realised you couldn’t talk right then!). Let alone the idiot who decides sms’ing is more vital to the entire cinema’s life than the +R40 each person just spent. It’s the person who CHECKS their phone in the row in front of you & suddenly your movie experience is blinded by the lumo blue lightness of their inconsideration. WHAT are you checking for???

· The boss that ignores your emails. Work your ass off and you get no response to what you have provided. I can always understand having to ignore personal emails. The ‘personal’ of one’s life should exist parallel to the world of emails. But when your work is predominantly email… reply to my email! Even with a “fine” or “thanks”.

· Talking when the main speaker is talking – whether this in a big meeting, in a small training workshop, just mates in a circle. It kills me every time. Even worse, when it is someone trying to talk to you but you are trying to give your focus to the speaker. This also brings in the cellphone thing – its nicknamed mobile for a reason… take you and your phone off to a corner & talk out of my ear there.

Now that I am all wound up in irritation, let me martyr myself for the cause.

My Top Guilts of Rudeness

· Chronic lateness – work, pleasure, even a job interview. I am on time in being ten minutes late. Later on weekends. Perhaps this is a sign I should start wearing a watch after 11 years. But. I still just cannot. And the earlier I try to be, the later I will arrive on your doorstep. And the older I get, the more I recognise this is just not fair.

· Checking my “mail” on my phone during the most insanely boring of meetings and workshops – obviously there should be enough delegates to enable this, and not come off obvious. I know it is rude, but I cannot cannot help myself. Its between slit my sweet wrists, or check my phone to know that an outside world that does not resemble Hell does exist beyond those boardroom doors.

· I have not replied to one or two quiet big events in my time. At first, it was the humming and haaa’ing of whether I’d manage to make it & the logistical nightmare. To the point where if I did rsvp it would be to say “Hi, I uhhhhh won’t be able to make your big day, but you enjoy it! Sorry!” Fok. I still feel really bad about those one or two times.

That’s all I got. Not cause I don’t have more sins, but cause the corenza is working its sweet magic and I gotta pass out into a medicated flu’d delirium. Sweet!

[If I am healed by tomorrow, my reward is to drive to Welkom for the next two days! Fuck. I am lucky.]


boldly benny said...

I really do my best to be as polite as often as possible. I get really angry when I see people having a blatant disregard for other people. On Monday a guy in a bakkie didn't want to wait in the going straight lane so he pulled in the turning lane and then cut me off and nearly T-boned my door. He could have seriously hurt me - a complete disregard for the rules of the road and for me!

I would never want to be thought of as rude... but must admit I'm always late as hard as I try to be punctual and... I tend to interrupt but I'm working hard on this. I usually stop myself and say, "I'm sorry I interrupted you, that was very rude please continue!"

Spear The Almighty said...

I can write a book about this subject. :)

The sad truth is, I can be rude as hell and it seems that these days I'm more often than not.

Champagne Heathen said...

Benz - That's why the car hooter was invented! And luckily the hooter on my 2nd car sounds a lot more serious that the "toy" version on my first car! I seem to live on it these days - not good either!

The Spear - Oooo, you gotta be careful of being rude in Abu Dabi though! They have more serious consequences than a tooting hooter!