Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Stuff

Aussie Slang Word for the Day: BOGAN: “uncultured, unfashionable, uncouth person”….think “chav”

Mygod, but do Australians love to just GIVE new people stuff.

Between the Hard-Waste with its free TV, we are now up GPS toys (though, minus one car in which to charge the thing), skype phones, travel books & novels, chairs for cheap, boxes of mugs, crockery & cutlery, a vacuum cleaner, and a microwave!

People have tried to pawn off on us sleeper-couches for $100 each, a car for $300 or something INSANE, and basically My Guy is proving to be the first point of contact when someone in his department wants to sell anything.

…and yet, no place to put all of this in!

But we should have made a final decision on a place by next week. And then FINALLY we can start settling!

As of yesterday, I have become tired of living from a suitcase & being a guest in a stranger’s house. Plus, the weather has warmed up a degree, it is time to spend more weekend time making the tough choice of Footie team rather than rushing about like crazy people looking at disgusting apartments we do not want to apply for.

Now for someone to just sell us a great bed so that I can have something other than his thermo-rest to use as I nest in!

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