Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Philosophically worrying

Aussie Slang Word for the Day: DICKLESS TRACY: “A Policewoman" (Derog.)
2nd round of a job interview today.

Not keen.

When do you get the privilege of saying, Not Keen, Thanks for the offer, but No.

And when do you suck it up, take the “experience” for awhile and, most importantly, get an income to the money you keep seeing flowing OUT of your Rand-based bank account.

Fok fok fok.

I don’t think that time is yet.

It might be that sneaky, subtle sign of… the idea of the job making me cringe & rock in corners.

I’d rather be a Myki Volunteer.


Though, I continue to hold out for the coffee shop job. At $3 for a latte, working in a coffee shop with free coffee all around you is Living The Dream!


po said...

I worked in a coffee shop when I first came to the UK, after picking and packing fruit! I reckon being able to make perfect froth is a great skill to have. I am beyond seriously addicted to coffee now though.

I only lasted 8 months in the coffee job, it was the customer part that got to me, maybe you are better with annoying people?

Champagne Heathen said...

It seems I am safe for now! Although, I was hoping that being the coffee-maker rather than a waitress, meant that I was safe from the customers!

8 months... that's a long time!