Friday, October 30, 2009

Picturing Melbourne


Anonymous said...

Hey Champs.
Are you sure some of those pics were not taken sumwhere in Joburg?LOL. I think i saw something that looked like West street(which is in the CBD)I saw the faeres wheel or whatever they call it. There's one like it at Gold Reef City(u probably remember it when driving down M1 South)I also saw Michael Angelo Hotel(Yes, the one in Sandton)in one of those fotos...Haaibo...are u sure u left Mzansi fosho??? Hey man, but i must say, Auzie is breathtaking!!! Wish i could just grab opportunities 2 travel the world like u do...I actually want 2 experience such, in this youthful 1&only-life God gave me.

po said...

It looks fascinating actually. How close are you to the sea? My most important judgement of how cool a city is, is how close it is to the sea :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha ha JET LEE... yes, if I tilt my head just right & squint a little, I can Mzansi! :P

I know. I am VERY LUCKY for how much I travel. VERY Lucky. Now come visit!

Or... just do some border hopping. I got lots of grief from some Aussie girl the other night about how little South Africans have actually taken advantage of the most beautiful continent we have around us. Not as glamorous, but possibly more striking & beautiful!

Po - define sea! Melbourne is on a massive bay, so kinda is the sea, but bugger all waves, but lots of beaches. And you can life right across the road from this. You'd have to drive to the ocean. But it's apparently very very close.

Champagne Heathen said...

fok. Hit "Publish" too soon. I am about 15 minutes tram drive from the beach, 7 minutes drive, 1/2hr walk. I am not a massive hysterical beach fan... its nice...its there....if I end up on it, so be it... But is is nice to know I have that new option!