Tuesday, November 10, 2009

35, 34, 32, 35, 30 plus plus plus

This city has gone from Arctic to Equator in less than 2 weeks.
Think 35 degrees... and then think higher!

It is only because the sun has pretended to set that I am able to drag myself out of my melted puddle of sweat and get near a computer & internet.

Lucky for me, this is apparently the first time since.... 1902!!! that it has been this hot for this many days in November in Melbourne.
Man, don't you just love being part of "firsts". Almost feels you should win something. Something big and bulkly, something that drags hot air through some device that makes it into freezing cold air. Something like an AIRCONDITIONER!
The guy in the corner bottle store (yes, we chose our apartment strategically...) has offered the store's cold room to me for when I just can't cope anymore. So if this city keeps up this equatorial mimicking, it's either lying for hours on crates of beer or catching airconned buses randomly around town from Dusk to Dawn for me!
But. I have to say. Drinking a coupla Fosters in celebration of the heat on the banks of the Yarra River yesterday evening was a pretty sweet moment.
...yes yes, that's right, I was boozing it down to the view in the photo above, right about the time you were pouring your 2nd Monday Morning coffee.

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po said...

Aaaaaah what I would give to be melting and sweating right now! I would complain loads, but it would be very light hearted complaining!