Monday, November 16, 2009

A Fact A Day

Nothing like a good rant.

You get it out of you. And only then do things start to make sense.

More holes than a Right Said Fred vest start to show themselves. And finally you can work through, around, and plug these. Discarding or metamorphosing thoughts & “put forwards”.

The day after my rant, I ended up at a lecture that included biology, geography, anthropology, archaeology, history, geology, chemistry and a couple other –ologies. The guy talked about oxygen & human beginnings, burying trees under the sea (uuuhh, ok, that part is my interpretation), hundreds of thousands of years in thinking (how to hurt my head every time!), vague “signs” in rocks that "clearly" show how settlements existed there & clearly indicate what were the eating & living habits from 14 000 years back, dotted graphs, pretty pictures...

And basically had me concentrating harder than I have had to think in months (years?).

And feeling like a real idiot.

Especially considering most of scruffy folk in the room thought it was all quite a simple lecture. And that I had a famous head-of-department sitting next to me, laughing at my social-science ignorance.

What I learnt…
The first human settlement is placed at 14 000 years ago. Somewhere in current day Jordan (Middle East)
And why???
Why suddenly stop trundling about & build an actual hut & settle in??
The main theory – temperature meant there was enough food growing to not have to move around for it.

1 000 years later the settlement simply disappeared.
But why?????
Why suddenly get up & leave, just after you got it all cushy & comfortable?
The main theory is, because of a drastic change in temperature – Ice Aging.

And then it took about 5 000 more years for humans to “settle” again. (I really could be wrong about this number!)
Why so long???

Why? Why? Why? As long as you are asking “But why”, I reckon, you’re on the right track.

And then ask, but why am I even daring to believe these numbers that this blog is putting out there, which comes from a blog writer who drank her memory away on Ruzzian Bare back in the good old student days.

My rant got me making some clear decisions. Some Ways Forward & all that old work-day nonsenses. I need to start using MUCH MORE discretion in my reading & learning. Because I am feeling unhealthy on some of my current regular readings.

A Mental Diet!

I am cutting out the fatty crap reading & listening. Slim trim learning. But, sure, the occasional sneaky “junk reading”.

And to attempt to learn some bizarre worldly fact each day.

Fact 1: Russia stretches over 11 time zones. And is considering reducing this to 4 time zones.


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