Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Shear me a sheep Sheila!

The Guy has gone again.

Off into the desert for a good 10 days.

He is not supposed to have any cellphone signal this time. A bit daunting for stuck-at-home me. But thanks to the forces of rocks slicing into tyres and such, he has had to head back to civilisation and been able to tell me that he is alive.

The whole experience is very amusing. Or at least it should be, once he is done with it.

What gets me falling about in amusement the most is his luxuuurious accommodation; that of a Sheep Shearing Shed. A shed that is used once a year by sheep shearing Aussies, to shear their wild sheep.

I demanded that, to truly fit into the setting, he pack a couple singlets (vests), the tiniest tightest shorts he could squeeze into, those funny boots, and a slab (case) of VB (the local beer that’s supposedly as crap as Castle). And of course a cork hat. He refused. He packed his khaki.

The shack is slap-bang in the middle of the no-Outback-where. The closest folks are 10 kms away. The land resembles a slice of Karoo on a forty-degree day. They have no fridge. They’ve had to haul their own generator out there, which they realise burns all their fuel within a day. The other guy does not like to shower, use soap, use a towel, carry a sleeping bag, or eat meat. And they get to bed down with numerous spiders every night.

Along with the great living, the work has gone a bit pear-shaped. They have lost their areas of work. In the desert. They have resorted to buying spades to dig in the general ranges, hoping to land upon the right spots.

All in all, he is sitting in the desert questioning whether the money really is worth the nonsense. And I am sitting at home, on a couch that someone newly donated to us, having a good comfortable chuckle.


Don't Believe a Word I Write said...


Perhaps you should meet him at the door when he returns with a can of deodorant. Aren't you glad you weren't invited to accompany him?

Champagne Heathen said...

He's home early! They gave up on the hole-searching. He said he felt so bad for the woman that they sat next to on the 1 1/2 hour flight home!! I feel sorry for that whole flight of people!

I actually said, I should have gone instead of him, cause all he was meant to do was sit & take measurements. Thankgod THAT didn't really transpire!

Dbawiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi said...

Haha, for some reason thinking of moving one's comfy queen-size into a pub amuses me this morning.
It IS Monday morning, after all.
P.S. your 'word verification' word this moment is 'ingsworg', which sounds like a delightful Klingon name.

D(um)bawiw said...

Good grief! I commented on the wrong post.



Champagne Heathen said...

This week I am dreaming of moving my bed into that bottle store's cold room!!!!

Anonymous said...

haai, I feel you champs. Its sooooo HOTTTTT down here that I literally wanna to move into my freezer at one point, then the weather changes so drastically without warning(God help my very expensive weave)and it pours. You change into winter clothes, boots and all then it changes back again to HEAT & WINDY conditions and then it's DUSTY!Oh, how we all grow to love Mzansi these days. Its like you get 4 seasons in 1 measly day.Imagine that.