Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Every year. Every single silly year.

Getting closer to it, I know the annual event is going to be changed. Slightly different. Surely it can’t resemble the silliness of the past events.

There will be New friends. New settings. New ages.

Maturity has started to set in. My cheeks have dropped. I have lines. I look disparagingly on youthful bliss and silly frivolity.

None of that here! This year!

And it rarely disappoints in being almost the exact same.


Pop a pint of Guinness & colour me St Paddy Green.

Fokken Irish. Why’d they put their Saint’s Day on my birthday! There could’ve been some consultation on this!

Fokken green leprechauns. Green hats, green beer, green tunes from green accordions. Free green booze if you’re wearing green. Oooo. Pick me! Pick me!

5 people and a card game in a corner of an Irish pub as the sun starts to set. Nothing like putting back a loaf of bread (Pint of Guinness) in 5 seconds as punishment for choosing the red card. Dodging door taxes and losing sunglasses to “the greater cause”. Skirt the cops & charm the bouncers. “Ma’am, please can you move away from the mens’ porter toilets” “Not till I manage to sneak my mates through this here hole in the fence sir”. Moving 20 folk up a block to where the bar counter is more accessible & the music is sung by someone who’ll break into “Happy Birthday” karaoke on demand. Finding myself jumping around to The Killers, grinning like a bogan on downed rum…oh. Wait. And then having a coupla free pints with a last man standing. Finding out my new drinking buddy is actually the owner and he’s had to endure a 29th time of hearing its my ooooooold birthday. Friends slapping friends of friends cause of all the bum grabbing. My father on the other side of the phone for a birthday chat, 2pm pristine work office day on his side, midnight pavement stumbling my time. And a 3 course curry meal at 2am while discussing the intricacies of some earth-changing issues from my couch.

Happy Birthday to me for last week!


Fokken 29.


Don't believe a word I write said...

Happiest of wishes, young thing.

po said...

Woah happy birthday! What a day to have it on :) Indeed you are young, I am hitting 30 this year and not too happy about it.

Champagne Heathen said...

:) Cheers ladies! Good to know I keep older friends too! It helps here being surrounded by all these students though...living like a 23 year old most days. It helps me forget I have a biological clock atickin'! HA!

MeeA said...

Happy Birthday for St Paddy's day!! If it helps you feel any better, there are a couple of plus points you can take comfort in:
- My hubby also has his birthday on St Paddy's day, only *he* turned 40 this year!
- I turned 30 earlier this year. Still doesn't feel like I'm a day past 16 and I still keep expecting that intercom announcement to the entire school that I'm wanted in the principal's office *again*...
- You will *always* have an excuse to get fall-down drunk on your birthday! Enjoy! :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks so much MamaMeeA!! Excellent excellent points! EXCEPT! This year I thought... what happens if some year soon I want to hold a civilised birthday event on my actual birthday. No self-respecting friend is going to let me. Cause one must do what one must on St Paddy's Day cause when else in the year are you going to dress up in some absurd colour, dance about to jigging accordions, and have guinness as cheap as they make it on March 17th... Well that just got me all inspired again!

Here's looking to my 30th!

302 said...

happy birthday - sorry it's a surface mail wish but there you go - adult in waiting

DT said...

Well happy belated birthday Champers! You cannot possibly ’ look disparagingly on youthful bliss and silly frivolity.’ Because that is a line you should only use after 35, maybe! I feel younger at 31 than I did at 29 and that is the honest to goodness truth!

Champagne Heathen said...

:) Thanks lady... AND! I got asked for ID on Friday when buying wine from a bottle store. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA! Youth!