Monday, March 01, 2010

Guards of The Mail

Who needs Marxists when you have the comments sections of Mail & Guardian online articles!

Wow. There are a whole heap of angry, irrational, refuse-to-see-anyone's-point-of-view-or-deny-the-absolution-of-mine South Africans about! And they all have access to the internet, all day, every day, with lots of spare time to read articles, comment, & keep up with and keep adding to comments.

I have a 3-day-a-week job after a six month stint of holding unemployment embraced to my bosom, and I don’t and didn’t even have such time on my hands!

Who are these people??

I would fear these people in a paintball fight. I see them as just standing in one cemented spot shooting wildly about, at all and any moving target, with rough abandon, as they scream devilish anti-slogans of hate.

About Nothing and about Everything.

The journos can write for them. And they’ll praise the journo & attack “The Others”.
The journos can write against them. And they’ll attack the journo. But “the Others” will praise the journo.
Them and “The Others” others being the same in all but who is calling who racist in which direction, negative in which direction, and stupid because of what typo.

Hate SA, or love SA, they all seem to argue it with as much unconstructive wording as they can collectively conjure from yesterday’s rant.

I come across an article. Read it. Consider it. Toggle my way down to see what good counter-arguments might be put up to *BHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Swear spit rant make-no-sense abuse-the-person-for-the-person-not-for-their-argument prejudice bigot-about hurl-cutting-lines and actually make no decent references back to the actual article.

Do you type to your mother with those fingers?

Constructive comments on this site are becoming too few and far between this regular “Irate”. And so free speech is lost in the cacophony of too many free speeches?

My other thought while doing a SA catch-up:

Is the M&G on some sort of bet about how many times they can mention Malema in 2010?

Why is every single lead story about him as of late?

Is the editor shagging his PR person? Cause, bad publicity is better than no publicity!

NO ONE is THAT newsworthy. Especially someone who does not even hold that much power in a country.

And no, he doesn’t. Despite what the media says. Despite how the Bitter Ex-Pats are spinning him into their new pin-up.

Bugger. Now even lowly me has mentioned him in my ramblings! Elevated him beyond his relevance! It’s like a damn curse!


fuzzy logic said...

Try the News24 comments section - it'll make you want to commit harakiri in about 30 seconds flat

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha ha! Eugh. I stupidly scrolled down to a comments section on one of those articles this morning. AGRHGRHGAHGRHAGH. I'm sticking to only the "quieter" articles from now on! Where people actually engage with the actual article & thoughts put through there!