Friday, June 04, 2010


My head has been everywhere but straight this week.

But now the guy is done here and is good to go back to the stretch of camels, red sand, and the nothingness that is The Aussie Outback.

For 5 more weeks.

That was fast…. And furious, in a lovely way.

But before I start complaining about that, let me just say to this interweb, are you guys trying to drive me into some chronic homesickness state - with all the damn Ra Ra South Africa and its four years of Hard Work paying off & looking great…
Look at my Gautrain….
Look at my flags on the highway…
Howz about this window sock flags…
And adverts via social sites, emails and even the conspiring Aussie tv!
And… putting doccies about SA on an aussie channel every night!

Oh woe is me. Sob sob suip

What I would not do for some home fun time right now.

But I’ll suck it up, along with a coupla Aussie beers, blast my vuvuzela at the ranting 4am possum, and watch my footie team shalack my guy’s footie team into 5 weeks later!

Head everywhere. Heading home.


po said...

I know I feel exactly the same as you. At least you have a vuvuzela :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Not yet...but I am on a highly subtle guilt-tripping mission to get someone somewhere in that vast country to mail me either that, a SA Flag side-mirror sock or +R600 jersey... I'm betting I get the sock!

But maaaaan, how nicely would I finally be freaking out the old weird man downstairs if I got me a vuvuzela!