Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Convos

I love how life just Monty Python foot stomps on any grumpy stereotyped thoughts you might be trying to pull out of a day.

There you are closed-mindedly boxing away some group of people or events, and life just says, “But what about THIS exception, which isn’t really an exception, but maybe the exceptional norm!” And you are left feeling bad for judging, but happy for being wrong.

So as I grumpled my way to the rain soaked train station today, thinking, “This town is suffering from Bit City Syndrome. No one looks at anyone. No one wants to acknowledge there is a living breathing feeling person standing inches away from them. We are all islands in a sea of ignore-able human avoiding beings. Why won’t anyone just SEE me!”

When some Spanish man approached me & pulled out some of the most amusing “I can see you av passion & fire in you!” lines.

Uh, well, that is impressive insight as I just stand here staring at a train timetable notice! Can I help? What exactly about my half-awake eyes & badly dressed style gave this away?

And so a most random conversation got going, between grumpy me & some spanish musician that ....yes, yes, I av dated some South African women, you are not eazee women, so tell me how is South Africa now, eets economy... and lasted as long as it took for the delayed train to arrive, when he said cheers, and that was that.

If it was a pick-up line, he wasn’t pushing his luck….

That might have been because of me setting my “relationship status” straight when he pulled out his second line of “I can see you are not in love. Love, it has hurt you…”

… Ha! No! I am very much in love & that is even why I am on this corner continent, cause of some guy! And that look that you see about me is the extreme dislike I have for being out of my warm bed to stand in freezing drizzle waiting for a very late train, without shots of coffee near at hand!

But he chatted away. The train arrived. And we parted ways.

It was a random quick moment. But it perked me up. And made me realise I was wrong about the “Too Big City Syndrome”

Thanks life! You won this one.


john dodds said...

By eyes I assume he meant loins.

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha! I don't recall him eyeing that out!