Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Feminism: That brief amusing period in history when women believed their successes could be based on more than just their looks.

...comment comes out of the very disturbing ridiculous idea currently doing the glossy bubble rounds, that women can have children, fine fine, we fashionistas will allow you that icky act, but then they must get back to looking as stylish & pre-baby as possible.

Forget that breastfeeding, woman!, get yourself to a gym! And pilates! And earning enough money to keep up with the trends, and be the envy of all your gold-glitzing community, by ignoring that crying needy lump, although doesn't it make a delightful accessory these clothes we recommend you purchase for it... and get back to lunching and socialising!

Now THAT'S something to aim for in your life!

Forget raising a life to the point where it can keep raising itself in some self-adjusted way, forget just the achievement in becoming a mother (idea scares me to... well... to The Pill), it's all about how you look doing it at the end of the day!

All about envy!

Dammit woman! Stop feeling so proud of you & this kid! Have you seen those stretch marks! Just look at that flabbing stomach. Why! Look at H.Klum. Look at HER stomach & how many children she's had! What. Is. Wrong. With. You.

[Even. Woman becomes first female Prime Minister of a bloke society! ....But what did she wear when she got there? Buy our magazine now to find out!]

Dumb asses.

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