Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The lunatics will run the asylum...

Day 1: Apply for job.

Day 2: Receive Response.
No. Sorry. You were rejected because you did not meet our requirements.

Count number of hours. Reckon that they didn't have enough time, that they're full of shite.

Balls are already against the wall. Given up caring. Fire back email "Why? Which requirement?"

Day 3: "Why?" is answered"You did not ask for enough money. That said, you asked for just a bit too less. If you reapply, and just ask for more, we will consider your application. Kind regards, We Make Crazy Look This Good"

Day 3.5: Reapply. Asking for $10,000 more a year. Check your mental health online to see if you are not the crazy one.

Day 3.9 Have a really good ironic chuckle (chuckle in that way that you stab your eyeballs with stolen pens from the current job's stationary cupboard) because the last dear ex-boss was quite happy to tell you that, despite your post-grad, your field experience, your local knowledge, and your 8 years in the business, you were damn mad to expect so much as (a pittance of) a salary and you will be supplementing that with volunteered hours. 

The lunatics will run the asylum...