Monday, May 29, 2006

Africa Day Celebrations - welcome to my dream

On Saturday night I went to a concert at Baseline in Newtown. It was excellent.
The bands that played were Amadou and Mariam, Mapumba, and Hip Hop Pantsula (from the North West province). Amadou & Mariam are a blind loving couple from Mali that had us dancin' dancing' madly on our exhausted feet till 2am. Their most recent album is produced by Manu Chao.

I need to get to Newtown more. I miss that place & its mad diversity.

I bought Mapumba's album on my way out the door. He is from the DRC. In the CD cover he has the following piece which I really enjoyed:
like every universal being. we all live for moments
moments of rise. moments raise. moments of shine. moments of finality
but i tell you now if i was a fly, i would fly the highest heights
until my seven days run out. and if i was the sun,
i would shine and make sure the furthest planet in the galaxy
remembers who i was, when my millions of light years run out. and if i am human,
i'm gonna make sure i feel for real,
smile for real, dance for real and most definitely love for real
so help me soul
welcome to my dream


Buzzing'Fly said...

just started reading your blog and i like you already, nice one. I was at bassline that nite too, super cool. Gotta love that vibe. Newtown is the shizniz i tell you and that Mabumba is something else ey, HHP... African music, full of life and soul...

Have you attended any of the Edgars 'word on the streets' events?

Champagne Heathen said...

Ah thanks buzzing'fly!! Very sweet of you to say so.

I was in Newtown on Sunday afternoon though, and was unimpressed that every place was closed. Have they not heard of the profit to made from people keen for late afternoon boozy weekend lunches!! They are hurting a possible great vibe.

Are those "Word on the Streets" events the ones happening at the Market Theatre? I am sorry I missed the F.Ground & Simp.Dana last Friday evening, and am gonna miss the Hugh event this Friday. If not, or even if so, be sure to post something on your blog to keep me informed!

And as for Mabumba that night thrusting his crotch about in those hot white baby!

Buzzing'Fly said...

Those "word on the street" gigs are at bassline every now and then and yeah, the likes of Simp/freshly ground/louise Carver/Tumi and da Vol etc. Have caught most of them (fanks to several media buds with comps), they awesome.

and you should catch fridays gig, mm... i have a thing 4 soccer boyz, i must say and Jazzanova (jazz like uv never heard b4). it sould be good...

"And as for Mabumba that night thrusting his crotch about in those hot white baby! "

eish.. yeah, i know. you know what they say about black men... i say no more :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Saw the soccer opening thing @ Baseline this Friday. Definitely looks like a not-to-be-missed!! Unforunately I will have to miss it - I have a friend about to be a pappa & we have one two three Long Islands to suip on before he is lost to the hooligan immature world forever.
Be sure to enjoy it for me!

Anonymous said...

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