Monday, May 22, 2006

Penguin on a Stick

So last night while lying on my couch I am convinced I saw a little gaggle of penguins rush past, bounded after by a polar bear in search of frozen popciles. I really hope the eskimos downstairs don't get wind of my wildlife sanctuary - I am just not in the mood for spear throwing & holes-in-the-ice fishing while I try to watch my dvds.

Fuck me, but it is cold!

I actually am seriously thinking I am gonna give blankets & clothes to random homeless people I come across. Highveld radio was talking about drop-off points for such donations so maybe I will visit those rather than cruise Hillbrow searching in dark corners. The thought of even rehashing Std 4 knitting classes has passed through my hypothermia'ed mind.

Last week I visited Bara hospital with a friend to drop off little beanies, vests & blankets some ousies had knitted at their old age home. The clothes were for the premature babies in the "Kangaroo ward". These babies are not put in incubators but rather get their warmth & love from sleeping on their moms' chests in a heated ward. The doctor told us that such small donations were extremely important as many of these babies die in the winter.

So I might be struggling to keep my chilled fingers typing this but, man, I am one lucky chick. Just a thought.


AnotherWhiteBoy said...

Totally agree on the “how lucky I am” point. Busy getting my quote from Outsurance now – they are going to donate a blanket for each quote they give out. Nice idea !

Champagne Heathen said...

Very impressive!! I'll check out that highveld radio info soon (drop off points) & post it on this blog when i do.

I have an american colleague complaining that he cannot cope without his central heating. At least we are more hardcore than that! Just throw me a hotwater bottle & I can conquer the world!