Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A question of survival...

....where have people's survival instincts gone??

We get told all the time that we act like this or that because it is our bodies' prehistoric survival tactics. Fight or Flight idea.

So where on earth are half of this town's prehistoric survival tactics? Surely your body is able to quickly & logically way up that between fight or flight, you pick flight when a large metal motor vehicle is charging down the road at you. You get your tiny fragile body out of the middle of the road that you are strolling down in the midday sun & walk on the pavement (It was created for pedestrians right?). That you do not stand in the road on a corner when having a conversation, but once again, move onto the very empty pavement one step away. That you particularly do not take a snooze half on the pavement, half in the road. That you do not dash across a 120km/hr highway (Reality: 160 km/hr highway) with your two small children when traffic is present, and then finger the drivers cause they dared to be legally driving on a road.

And you particularly do not swear back at the person flashing their lights at you, hooting and screaming “Get out of the road sweetie, otherwise you will get killed!!”. Be grateful that if you cannot think how to survive, thank god the driver was thinking for you!

Just a thought on the way to work today.

Others to follow in this theme:
*Wobbly cyclists.
*Motorbikes, if you are driving too fast, we will not notice your little selves until it is too late. Either drive fast or weave, NOT BOTH!


Dolce said...

I always wanted to record the sound of squealing brakes, followed by the awful crunching of steel and chrome and the agony of splittering glass, and attach it to my hooter for use against the unsuspecting fekkin' pedestrian. Just ONCE I'd like to run one over!

Champagne Heathen said...

HA HA! That is one hooter I would enjoy!

You should come take a drive up to where I work. At least once a week there is an ambulance helping out some fool who got knocked over during their sudden dash across the single lane road.

My driving speed is now becoming dependent on the setting of the sun - the darker it is, the slower I cruise. Give me another week & I will be driving 10km/hr!

Peas on Toast said...

I'm with you on the setting sun thing. My night vision has deterioted it seems, and now I have complete disregard for depth and space.

Hazardous I tell you.

Champagne Heathen said...

There was once a rumour that yellow sunglasses helped nightblindness. No idea if it's truem or if it was creative marketing by some rave shop trying to clear out failed stock. (Hmmm, actually, coincidentally, that rumour did happen to be around the same time that raves were on the decline...)

Hazardous yes, but does make for one adrenalin funride home.

TwoFlower said...

with regards to your weaving motorbike story to follow - now i'm not usually a sadist but just once, one day i would like to open my car door as a motor cyclist (or normal cyclist) comes speeding past me while i'm stuck in traffic.tee hee!

i think i would like to do just to see the look on their face (i wouldn't do it to hurt them!)

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha ha - would it matter that they might be hurt though? If you're gonna ride a bike, ride a harley and rule the road! I could easily join you on the door opening stint when I see some guy show off past me wearing a helmet that's black with pink stripes.

Peas on Toast said...

Champs - I heard that too. But I'm not so ceratin I want to waltz around in mid-90s raver gear right now. Crap.