Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mbeki - You have Mail

[UPDATE: I found the Link to the letter & Fascinating website about AIDS -]

More letters have been sent to our president to kick ol' Manto out.

This latest letter, dated Sept. 4th, was signed by a total of 81 signatories. The list of signatories included international leading academics from institutions such as Harvard University, and others specialising in HIV/Aids research, microbiology, haemotology, immunology, molecular and cell biology.Winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, David Baltimore, as well as Robert Gallo -- the developer of the first HIV blood test and co-discoverer of HIV as the cause of Aids -- put their names to the letter.

The letter:
*States that anti-retrovirals are the only medication currently available that alleviate the consequences of HIV infection.
*It echoes that South Africa's response to Aids was "obtuse, dilatory and negligent".
*It expresses concern on the amount of unproven remedies being marketed in South Africa, some with the support of the health minister. "Slick marketing practices cause people not to take proven medications, or at best to waste money on false hopes. We condemn all those who profit from this type of quackery, at the expense of the sick and dying," it reads.
*It does commend the health department's operational plan for comprehensive HIV and Aids care( why can't she just stick to the plan instead of opening her mouth!)

The article ends of by saying that neither Manto or Mbeki are budging. Funny that.

There's a link to the letter at the end of this M&G article. It doesn't appear to be working on my computer.


Shortypam said...

well someones gotta tell these people, but all i wanna know is mbeki is under so much scrutiny and pressure to fire her and he doesnt even seem to care!!! surely the man has to worry bout the countries health or maybe his popularity???

Champagne Heathen said...

Shorty, the TAC is putting serious consideration into trying to take him to court if he doesn't start answering his citizens' questions in this matter, so HOPEFULLY we will know what is going through his (or his propoganda man's) head reasonably soon!

(I might be cynical, but I am an opptimist at heart!)

Itsnopicknick said...

What he needs to do is sack the quack!

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha Ha, Spoon, you will be my main Poster Scriptor when I finally lead some protest march!