Friday, September 15, 2006

A word or two

When one spends their evenings studying the result is one has bugger all to say in life, about life, and everything in between.

Unless of course any of you really want to read 5 000 words on why the traditional conceptualisation of The State cannot last under the extending number of new political actors on a globalising world scene, and consequentially 'sovereignty' allows itself to be under threat from the very elements that it produced. ...there is a distressingly poor amount of jargon in there. Sigh. How will I ever graduate as a first-class politician if I cannot throw even the average blogger off course with my babble and charm?!

I found two fascinating articles today, but even I am tired of my AIDS posts at the moment. So if your day really is that slow, please read:
South Africa: The World's Biggest ARV Programme?
Gambia: Welcoming a Genocidal Racist ....They are talking about Sudanese President Omar Hassan El Bashir.

Otherwise, spend your time working out this little pic, and make sure you adhere to it on this summer-starting weekend!


(Followed by a friend's farewell. Yeah. Champagne. And a monday work "Bonding Session" somewhere north of Pretoria. Fck.)


Anonymous said...

Have a great brilliant Joburg weather weekend Champs. Try not to let the jargon swallow you.

Itsnopicknick said...

See you in the throngs of people tomorrow? I'll be wearing funny hat and looking all beetroot from the sun!

Champagne Heathen said...

Thanks Jam! And to you too! And right now it is the bluddy ideas that I don't agree with but have to argue that are swallowing me!

Spoon - see you there! And hopefully the hat protects you from the sun. I'll be the chick dancing about like a hooligan.

Revolving Credit said...

Does the bondingb session have anything to do with handcuffs or is that bondage??

Champagne Heathen said...

Deargod I hope it doesn't. I don't think there is a single colleague/boss here I would like to be cuffed to or cuffed by. I wouldn't mind handcuffing some of them, but that has nothing do with kink, and more dark soundproof closests in which to leave them.

It's handcuffs and bondage! Rev, I am surprised you are lost on such a daily-used term.

Revolving Credit said...

Sorry, bonding is when you glue stuff, as in Something About Mary.
Now if you recall, her hair was bonded firmly in the upright position.

So you're going bonding *wicked thought*


Champagne Heathen said...

You do realise I am going to go bright red in blushing every time I have to look at my boss during that session, thanks to your twisted mind. Yuk Yuk Yuk!

Revolving Credit said...

Wait, let me get you a towel!!

Itsnopicknick said...

Okay! I thought i saw you and then another drunken chick started dancing like a hooligan and then another and another...

Peas on Toast said...

Hey Champers! Finally I have a moment to ctach up on your last posts!
Did you have a good JHB Day? I was half-wrecked, but was good nevertheless.

Champagne Heathen said...

Sorry Rev, no handcuffs or "hairgel" was used in the making of yesterday's events.

Oh Spoon, I was there, and I was dancing like a hooligan! But yes, there was a fairly large group of us ALL dancing like hooligans!

Peas, it was great fun. There are even crazy photos your friends could show you of our madness. My muscles were still aching yesterday from too much dancing/ jumping about!