Thursday, October 12, 2006

Marriage, Wine & Sushi

I love marriage. God No. Not in my case. Marriage has as much hope of catching me as that coyote catching the Road Runner. I love marriage because of who it brings into my family. There are some exceptionally great people who have married into this sweet old clan. The most recent was a wine expert marrying my cous.

I love him. I love that they only had French Champagne at their wedding. Aaahhh, the sweet sweet memories of me trapped between two bottles of never-emptying heaven for 12 hours. I love that they come for dinner with 5 bottles of the best wine, all open from some tasting earlier that day with only one-glass worth taken so far. I love that he gives his mates tasting evenings like last night.

It was great fun. 10 decent wines in me 10 minutes after sunset on a school night. Excellent. I know there was a spittoon for us to empty our glasses before the next wine. Chances. I have not learnt the art of The Gulp for wasting such goodness.

This morning I have a headache. One of those wines must have had too much sulphur for me. Or it could’ve been the several bottles after the tasting while me and some friends soy-sauced a tablecloth in Parkhurst as we attempted to eat sushi in our post-tasting states.

I love sushi.

I am running out of cousins though, to marry off to sushi chefs.

Mmmmm….that’s bringing back good memories of sitting in a winefarm owner’s kitchen and having a gorgeous French Mauritian chef feeding me the tastiest parts of raw tuna, which had been caught the day before, while I sms’d my mother that I had met the man whose children I wished to bear. Now there was a man where the Marriage Coyote may have been allowed to catch up.

….excuse me. I must now be going. You all enjoy your Thursdays while I sit back in a wine/ sushi hangover-induced flashback….

See you all at WINEX in 3 Fridays time!

P.S. The firemen have foamed up all of Bath Avenue for some unknown reason. After my flashback wallowing I am going to get into my bikini & spend the rest of the day having a foam party!!


Anonymous said...

What? What firemen? Where's the foam? More details? Should I be running out of my office?

Champagne Heathen said...

Naa, I just reckon they're bored and/or thought they'd give the Guatrain guys a Welcome To The Neighbourhood party.

Anonymous said...

Did you at least bag yourself a fireman while you were witnessing the foam?

Champagne Heathen said...

There up against the fire truck ;) Naaa, they were were too entranced by their massive hose!

ChewTheCud said...

You can't get between a man and his hose when he's playing with it.

Champagne Heathen said...

Brings a whole new idea to the "pomp"

Anonymous said...

Come on baby, light my fire...

ChewtheCud aka. Mr.MojoRisin said...

Try to set the night on fire

Champagne Heathen said...

You're both cooked - ha ha hmmmm

Anonymous said...

We don't need no water, let the M*ther-F*cker burn.

Mmmm... Firemen.

ChewTheCud said...

hmmm - Doors i can dig, but bloodhound gang? tut tut! So champs - Saut├ęd, braised or barbequed? I like mine medium-rare.

Revolving Credit said...

What the hells up with blogger today? Couldn't open shit and it looks like Green Peace and the Rainbow Warrior hijacked Peas's blog.

Champs, reading your post, I think it's fair to note that you're not into weddings and marriage as much as you're into free wine. If the new clan member was a toilet-brush maker as opposed to a wine guy, would your response have been just as enthusiastic?
Oh, excitement, lets all go to a party at New guys house and learn how to scrub the bowl.

Champagne Heathen said...

Chews - I like mine free and served with good wine or champagne!!

Rev - Peas' site has gone mad...hijacked I think. That poor Asian kid is going to wonder why the hell 1000 south africans are so interested in her culinary skills with noodles!

I like more than free wine! I like free 5-course meals (my brother dated a chef for years & I highly approved of that heading towards marriage), free diamonds, free legal fees, free books and drinks with A-list people. That sort of thing. Once again, easy but not cheap!

Revolving Credit said...

..and you gave up all those CEO's.
What were you thinking??

Champagne Heathen said...

Could you stop rubbing this in!!

And may I add, if you upped your Pimping requirements we might not even be having this conversation & I wouldn't be turning to my extended family for assistance in gaining the material things I love in life! (And no, I am not turning to them for any "Hilly Billy Incestual" type of assistance!)

Revolving Credit said...

You make me so proud.*sigh*
I didn't even have to exploit the "Hilly Billy Incestual" path.
You just covered it all by yourself.

If I upped my pimping requirements?
Weren't you the one who wanted a busy Oxford corner to ply. Whole different market.

Mine's more the type where they make a booking, we credit check the client, he/she (lets not be picky here) pays for the theatre, dinner, the champagne, the helicopter and at the of the night they may get a peck on the cheek if you think they deserve it.

Free jewelry may help with this cheek pecking part.

Champagne Heathen said...

After some backtracking in comments...I recall passing on the Oxford scene and definitely going for the higher class Rev, if a peck on the cheek is all I am obliged to do to get all of that, I am already trained up and ready to go, so best you get pimping!

And after 4 months of daily insight into your thought patterns, of course I know how you think...*mental stalk* *stalk* *stalk*