Thursday, October 12, 2006

Never a dull moment here in my neighbourhood

Honestly. What is this!? I go now to buy a chocolate to get me through the afternoon. As I enter the mall I walk past a guy wearing a bullet proof vest toting a machine gun. Fine.

Then another guy passes me wearing a bullet proof vest. No visible large guns in his possession. Fine. Ok.

As I am about to step onto the escalator, one guy steps on with an armoured briefcase & another guy in camo gear holding not a gun but surely must have been a bazooka. Honestly. Really.

Neither are wearing bullet proof vests. These guys must be hardcore.

My foot waivers above the first step of the escalator while I notice another woman who was heading towards us turn and pace it as far away as possible.

But I’m tough. I’m brave. I can handle being in the vicinity of a cash-in-transit. Cool, no worries, as the escalator takes me up and scenes of being caught in a shoot-out flash about in my mind.

At the top, the guy with the briefcase stops. Bazooka guys stops. I stop. No chance am I getting between this man and that briefcase. Na Uh. I am following from a five foot distance.

They then head into my chemist. Which is exactly where I am heading. Twix are under R5 there. Really.

I didn’t realise you needed an armed guard to drop meds off these days. Or that I need a lead vest just to purchase confectionary.

[Anybody else, when trying to read Peas' blog, getting a page of rainbows & blue and some young school girl talking about cooking noodles and her maths test and who has a mild fetish for glittering stickers?? Or is it just my internet connection? Fascinating really.]


Anonymous said...

Careful - those meds can kill ya. I once saw one of those all important cash guys going down the escalator with a bag. The power chose that moment to turn off and he bailed down 4 or 5 steps. he had a very embarrassed look after that. Read peas latest post - it appears she fixed whatever it was.

Champagne Heathen said...

I would have less of an embarrassed look as a terrified look as I glanced up from the floor which I'd dropped down onto in panic!

Revolving Credit said...

Champs, don't stress too much. Those are the guys I asked to escort you to the pharmacy. After your shooting incident the other night I thought they may help you feel safer.

The briefcase didn't contain any cash or drugs, just more Twix. @ < R5 a piece, I think you can appreciate the fact that these will soon be in short supply and will be come a precious commodity, therefore the precaution.

Anonymous said...

Maybe peas could have done with these guys to sort out her peas in transit heist. (which I missed). Damn it when the action passes me by.

TwoFlower said...

i'm never a fan of being around when the gun toting money people are around because i too see myself being an innocent bystander while a heist takes place..not fun!

p.s. you will note that i have FINALLY updated my blog and believe me, its quite an update!

Dolce said...

Israel's a bit like that. I remember being at a club and dancing round some guys' AK47s. It was always handbags in SA.

Anonymous said...

I used to direct inserts for a bank and would make sure I was well hidden inside every time the CIT guys came past. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

I know it's impossible to visit Rosebank mall without bumping into at least three smiling, ready-to-shoot kevlar clad security troops. I hate it, gives me the absolute grils. And bitch about it everytime I see them.

As much as I appreciate what they're doing and the danger they put themselves in, I'd prefer it if they used another citizen as cannon fodder.

In other news, I was struggling to get to your site yesterday afternoon and eventually gave up. Blogger was up the pole.

Peas on Toast said...

Hiya Champs!

Love it, go and buy a Twix during a bazooka brigade. YOu're a true Jozi girl at heart. :)

My site seems to have sort of rectified itself. Although if if click on yesterday's comments section, it still goes to China. Truly bizarre.

Champagne Heathen said...

Aah, Rev, you're a stalking honey!!

atw - loving the blog in transit heist association! And it was GOOD action you missed. Nothing like surreality to pass a Thurs afternoon!

2F - I think I'd be less innocent as demanding to know what the f*ck they think they are doing while I am trying to buy chocs! (Your blog hasn't updated yet...)

Dolce - it was always handbags in SA??? Huh?? I wouldn't dance, I would try to move as little as possible in fear of falling over in my usual style and smacking a gun by mistake and setting it off!

Koekie - Yes, let them do this at night. Do they really think that they are surprising anyone by delivering at different hrs everyday??These are not dumb criminals who just happen to be taking advantage of passing Cash-In-Transit guys. Let them keep their gun battles in malls to the midnight hours when I am asleep...or boozing it up in a club!

Champagne Heathen said...

Peas - I know. How could I ever give up this adrenalin-pumped lifestyle I lead!?! It was a good Twix.

Great to see just usual chaos is reigning on your site.

Anonymous said...

I wholly, totally and absolutely agree. Please do cash exchange at 2am. Surely it'll help with surveillance as well?

I could be wrong here, but anybody (male, female, white or blue) skulking around Rosebank at 2am is probably NOT there for a cup of Cafe Vidda coffee... then they can feel free to whip out the bazookas and unleash a can of kevlar-clad self-defence.

muddlepuddle said...

Hey Champs!

Good grief who would have thunk it - chocolate really can be bad for your health!

As for them Cash okes - I have a friend who will not drive anywhere near to those ou's!
It's hilarious! If he's on th hway and he sees one of the vans he careens off at the next exit even if it's miles from where he needs to be!

So you're not alone in your distaste for them kevlar wearing bazooka carrying khaki coloured camo action chinas!

Champagne Heathen said...

Welcome back Muddle :)
You've been mightly missed! :)

muddlepuddle said...

Thanks daaaaahhhhling
Missed y'all too much!