Monday, December 04, 2006

Definitions from the weekend

Cuteness – my 2 puppies. But now, am I referring to what Rev often calls “puppies” in the comments, or to real live canine companions? Well, Rev, I did promise to post pictures of my puppies on this blog so watch this space…

My Puppies – fluffy & adorable & inquisitive & love kisses. Their cuteness has led to me being late for a number of occasions already. Named by my parents as Chivas & Grappa.

Mistakenly Drunk – Saturday night sms convo demonstrating this:
Champs: Just how drunk did we get last night?? I have just had a flashback to dancing on tables in TranceSky & who’s Dominique & why do I have his/her businesscard?!?!
Friend: I was very drunk and so were you. We had about three glasses of wine each.

Champs ponders this for awhile & that it does not make complete sense. AH HA! Yes, neither of us purchased more than 3 glasses of wine, and kept drinking from our 3rd glasses, BUT this was because we kept getting bought a glass of wine which I would decant between our two third-filled glasses.

Serendipity – Crazy drunk guy joins us 3 girls very very randomly at the table where we are “quietly” sipping on wine. We cannot understand a word he is saying, except for when he was telling me that he can read body language – apparently me pulling my hair back means I want him to tie me up!! – and when he finally explains to us that he has left his friends at a bar down the road. He explains who these friends are & decides to call them to join us, and one just happens to be a very nice man I met recently & have been hoping to see again!

Then the crazy guy proceeded to take off his shirt & wear it like a turban until the manager noticed & politely requested he redress.

Getting older – exhausted for one day and half following getting home LATE (early?? sunrise) from a mistakenly-drunken night out, which ended with Catz Pyjama pizza – they don’t serve alcohol at 5am!! WHAT?!? Home-time hour - We got home at 6am. “We”??

Amusing Irony – not really taking any guy back to my bed for the few years I lived out of my parents’ house while in the same town as them, to bring a guy home on my 2nd official night back living with my parents. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Politeness & Subtlety – my mom asking in passing, when I finally got up at about 2pm Saturday, whether “my friend” had gone home. How she knew he was even there is still slightly puzzling – we got back to my place at 6am, and he left before 9am….but that’s is a mother for you!

Progressionthis man is neither married, nor does he have a girlfriend!!! . He is completely and officially single. So officially single that even the courts recognise it. His divorce came through on Friday. Fck.

My type – he might be newly single, but still, he is foreign & he is older.

Sunday Losers – this man is so newly divorced we completely agree that we have to stay friends. I smiled about the whole fun experience this weekend, until I crawled into my bed yesterday evening & self-pityingly thought, “I realise life is not fair, but honestly, when am I going to meet & be crazily attracted to a man who is unattached, 100% emotionally & physically available, and in the same country as me. I like me. I think I deserve this.” I didn’t sleep too well, tossing & turning thinking about my past experiences with guys.

Bizarre Dream – is definitely defined when the characters break out into song & dance like they are in a 1970’s West End musical. I sing surprisingly well in my dreams!

Globalisation’s social effects – 2 farewells this weekend. And so far 4 social events arranged for the coming 2 weeks to welcome friends home from overseas.

I said goodbye to one new friend, and somehow, while being caught up in the moment of nostalgia & sweetness promised his sweet girlfriend (a new friend too) to help pack up his side of their apartment. What?? I think they took advantage of an exhausted chick!

The second farewell I have yet to really accept – she has been an incredible help & support to me in the past year and so, as she has been doing incredible work in Orange Farm, Diepsloot, with street kids, etc. She is Israeli & us South Africans should all be extremely grateful for what she has done for our children & low-income citizens, and for me. Sob. BYE!!

Non-medical contraception – babysitting 2 7-week old puppies when exhausted & mildly hungover.

Chaos – my new abode. I was too fast asleep or preoccupied with balls of energetic fluff to pack or unpack anything. I still don’t know where things like my hairdryer, bras, or phone charger is.

Chivas & Grappa -
As yet, unpublishable....blame BetaBlogger!! But I promise to get my puppies up here asap!

[This BetaBlogger is being an ABSOLUTE bitch and won't let me do any bolding or easy pic posting etc. It seems to think I became a techie over the weekend. ARGHGRHRGHRGRH!]

[And now...on Tuesday it works! Voila! Odd. Post amended should make more sense now too!]


Daedalus said...

If you love blogging, which you clearly do...
"Upgrade to WordPress"
I know I am starting to sound like a broken record... but you clearly have the *thing* for the *writing* side of it... the pix just adds that extra little touch...
Why are you on "blogger beta" though?

Peas on Toast said...

Champers! Babe you got lucky! Woooohoooooo! (Love you mum's diplomacy btw, bless!)
And not, is it a week? since you've been home! Impressive indeed.

And as all goes at the end, at least you've made a mate and perhaps potential future lay? ;)

Champagne Heathen said...

Daeds - don't ask me tech questions. I just login and wish to do what I want to do. It is not meant to go crazy and odd on me!! I'll think about WordPress when work life has calmed down...Feb '07 it seems at the moment!

Peas - Yeah for me!!

And yes, my mom & I have always known how to dodge the subject while still half talking about it. My dad just NEVER mentions it - aaah, denial!

I officially moved back home on Thursday - 30th Nov.

As for what happens in the end....Confusion is... A mate who is fun to drink with and who you just want to get naked is not a recipe for good behaviour!!

Revolving Credit said...

We got home at 6am.....he left before 9am.

Sound like someone's puppies got some international action.

Concern :'Their cuteness has led to me being late for a number of occasions already'
Question: Aren't you using the box of condoms??

Daedalus said...

Well I guess you need a tracker license to drive blogger. Once the WordPress is up and running you also just log in and do your "thing" ... just simpler, better and faster ... almost like Standard Bank.

So, you prefer the less tech D then?

fly said...

Hey Champs :oP

There are lots of single guys out there...but just like most girls, probably all of them are unstable in some or other way ;o)

I guess its just down to what disturbing feature attracts you the most....hehehe

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev - Ha ha ha. There are not any little Champers anywhere near being on the way, thanks! That is one thing I definitely have no worry about!
AND he hasn't seen my puppies...yet.

Daeds - Std Bank also charges me a fortune every time I even think of their name, so I have to ask...what's the catch then with WordPress?

Fly - you calling me unstable!?!? I'll have you know I was completely stable & balanced even when dancing on a table in TranceSky! (I think)

And as you say....what distubring features make me attracted! sigh.

Revolving Credit said...

Let me guess, you'll show him you puppies once you've shaved??

There appeasr to be a lot of that going around :)

Champagne Heathen said...

Rev - either version of the term "puppies" does not require shaving!!

But thanks for the concern!

fly said...

"Am I calling you unstable... ???"

This is probably the best time to run and hide before I dig myself deeper right ??? ... :o) but no....I think you are kinda stable/ish :oD ....

actually I wont lie....there are very few girls I know that are stable....tbh the only one that comes to mind is my cousin... :o? otherwise the rest are absolute loons :oP

Daedalus said...

The catch is that you have to pay for a domain... can be anything from R30 to R100 per month.

The pluses R the FEATURE RICH interface, the DOMAIN NAME (eg: ....and ... best of all ... SPEED and VERSATILITY... THE PLUGINS (eg.. latest comments ... Categories etc etc etc ) .... the list goes on ... almost like erm ...erm ... paying for dinner with ... erm ... GOOD COMPANY and then *SOME*. hahaha! You still need to buy the dinner though - seee!?

Revolving Credit said...

Daeds, dude, Champs has just told us that her clam has joined the bald eagle brotherhood and you're trying to pimp some domain name action on her ass??? WTF

Daedalus said...

My powers can only be used for good Revo ;)

Champagne Heathen said...

Maybe he is being polite & trying not to imagine "my clam". And as far as I recall, my clam & my puppies were not one & the same!?!?

And I didn't say ANYTHING about it being bald eagle!

Fly* - you so dug yourself into a hole there!! You owe me a tequila, I think. Unless you really want to see instability ;)

I prefer "loon" to "unstable" also. Makes me feel like the mouse Jerry, or the roadrunner!

Daeds - I need to buy the dinner?? Myself?? I don't get it.

fly said...

Hey thats not to say that I mind unstable or loony girls...I actually seem to have a strange attraction to them much to my downfall....thats why I really depends on what disturbing feature attracts you the most... :o)

Its much like girls that try and find the most lowly guy around just so they can resurrect him ?! this I find quite bizarre as they inevitably always fall short, get screwed over by him and then wonder why he was such a prick ?!

I, on the other hand just tend to date pure evil :oP its the girls that seem to be alright on the exterior but turnout to be the cat in a cat and mouse game...and im the half eaten mouse :oD

Tequila....hmmmm...we need to move off Tequila....maybe a strau rum for good temperament...hehehe...then you'll see me lose the plot... :o)

Daedalus said...

I give ^up.
Let's talk about the "bald eagle brotherhood" or "puppies" then.

Revolving Credit said...

Was it a fish eagle?

Champagne Heathen said...

See, this is why we need the (healthy!) buzz that only tequila can bring. Strau rum falls short. It just smacks me around a bit & leaves me grinning. Because of all our dear dodgy gender counterparts. Actually, maybe if I drank less of the stuff I would be able to actually notice the 'stable' ones as well as seem kinda attractive & upstanding to them too!! Imagine! Scary thought really...

Daeds - there's a BROTHERhood of bald eagles?!?!?! Well there's a trend I never heard about.

Rev - there ain't anything fishy about me! But I do like the idea of being equated to a bird of prey.

Revolving Credit said...

Champs, was that:
'Bird of Prey'
'Spread Eagled'?


'..kinda attractive & upstanding to them too!'

Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't they be kinda attractive & UPSTANDING to you???

Champagne Heathen said...

Ha Ha Rev! I guess you will never know. Unless you get me drunk & ask me questions (I seem to becoming a tequila prostitute here today).

And actually as I typed that about the "stable" guys, I was thinking just that. ALTHOUGH too much stability also means, too little rhythm :)

Revolving Credit said...

Nothing wrong with doing it in a stable.

It's Xmas time after all and that shit went down in a stable.

Maybe you'll run into a wiseman baring gifts

PS. Prostitute sounds cheap!!Tequila Connisieur, Tequila Fan, Tequila Cheerleader all sound just so much better.

So when you were all Stroh Rummed, did drunk guy tie you up??

Champagne Heathen said...

Hey! The arching angel did not "magically" bonk the Virgin in a stable!! He did it in a dream somewhere! Obviously you need to go to some nativity play this season Rev!!

Just one naked wiseman? I thought there were three?

The drunk crazy guy did not get anywhere near tying me up. But then, maybe he was the wiseman who came BEARING a gift! And I was grateful. He did buy us all tequilas though.

Revolving Credit said...

I like it, lets rewrite the nativity scene.
Archie the Angel go the Virgin Mary's groove on in a stable while 3 naked wisemen danced around following a discoball baring their gifts.

Joseph was out pimping the donkey and sheep to some shepards

Daedalus said...


Champagne Heathen said...

Rev - I like, but where on earth does the disco ball come into it? Does this mean we're going to hell?

Daeds - and the growl? You acting like a puppy as of late?

Hey, where are the comments on my latest posting and how cute my puppies are?!?!

fly said...

I like Tequila Cheerleader !!! thats brilliant....hehehe

Champagne Heathen said...

Just stick me in a gold & silver striped short skirt & hand me pom poms! Now just for me to learn how to jump!

Anonymous said...

Oh damn! The pounding headache I experienced on Saturday with accompanying retching kind of nausea finally makes sense. You evil witch.
And woohooo! So glad you scored. And he is rather nice.

Champagne Heathen said...

You're back!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! Yeah!

I kept trying to tell you that I was refilling your glass but you were distracted by, well, the choas around us. You'd have felt better if you stuck around for morning pizza!

I'm quite worried I might not be able to make Drinking Friday with you this week. I have TWO 30ths. How odd!

I just reread my post and realised a slip-up in typing that even Rev managed to not see, "I was too...preoccupied with balls of energetic fluff". ;P

Champagne Heathen said...

Rather nice indeed :) :) :)